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PS5 Release Date:

We all know it's coming, but no one seems to know exactly when. We have done the hard work for you and figured it out. Sony is a creature of habit fellow gamers, as are we all. All it takes is some mathematics and an ear to the ground of the gaming industry to start piecing together this crucial part of the puzzle. Join us on our PS5 release date page to see what these factors have revealed thus far. Check back often because we are constantly updating the page with our latest findings!

PS5 Playstation 5

Specs: A Glimpse under the Hood

You thought trying to predict the PS5 release date was hard? We're tackling something much more difficult next. As we all know, technology evolves and changes in limitless ways with each passing year. Trying to nail down the exact path it will take is like trying to find a grain of salt on a beach. That being said, there are patterns, predictions, and signs that we can use to illuminate the path. Want to see what the future holds? It's all on our specs page ready for you to see.

Price: How High Can it Go?

The Price of a console is always a touchy subject. When it comes to the PS5, the latest rumors are showing that the console may come in two versions which could drastically affect the price of the system. The price of the PS4 showed that $400 is a price point that works, so it's doubtful that Sony will go any higher, if at all, with the PS5. What do you think the new system will cost? Head on over to our PS5 Price page to find out more and offer your opinion in the comments!

PS5 Design: Artist's Renditions

I am a master of words, but I harbor a deep respect for those who can bring images to life. We don't know for certain what the PS5 will look like, but that offers us the unique ability to consider a multitude of options. Will it be a box, will it be cloud-based, who knows? There are signs that point to something completely different than anything else we've seen, but that only fuels our imaginations. For the best PS5 eye candy on the internet, your one-stop location is our PS5 concept designs page.

Top PS5 Articles

Hardcore PS5 Fans

Playstation 5 with controllers We know you are out there and we are with you! We'll update this page frequently as technology changes and grows, to give you a better idea of what to expect in the far future of the PlayStation brand. New technology is revealed on a yearly basis, and this page will represent what we feel is accurate at the current time of writing. As new technical products and advancements are always coming to light, visit this page often to stay in the loop when it comes to PS5 news.

It's safe to say if you're looking for news you definitely came to the right place. You know we've already got you covered with up-to-date PS4 news on our sister site, PS4 Experts, and here you can expect to find the same quality articles as we turn our gaze to the future. We're still updating PS4 Experts on a daily basis, so don't forget to stop in there after you're done checking out what the far future holds!

We encourage interaction as well, so sign up for our website, comment on the articles, take a look at our social media pages, email us your information – let your voice be heard! Who knows, it could be a tip from you that makes industry breaking news. When it comes to the PlayStation 5, anything is possible! Epic gaming like no other awaits us all!




new configurations people want

i love playstation games but with the configuration now xbox is in lead with these configurations i think if these configurations are in ps5 then ps5 will be the epic hit 1.backward compatibility (for the games from ps1 to ps5) 2.voice commanding 3.4k gaming racording without any lagging 5.future compatibility (i think if ps5 has this one it will become epic hit) talking about future compatibility that ps5 should support the games which will be released for the next console with lowest setting like 1080p gaming.. so that people will love that future compatibility where xbox one is lacking.. it will be a epic hit if ps5 has above 5 the xbox scorpio doesnt stand a chance with ps5


I have played both systems and prefer the PS4 over the xbox1. But I love halo and gears of war. Just wish those games were not specific to Xbox system. Just my own opinion. That is all.

PS5 online

I think PS5 would attract and maintain bigger audience if they offer free online game play like ho it was offered in PS3. I would buy the console on the release date instead of getting it from a friend or waiting for the price to drop. That is where playstation had xbox beat.

Xbox or PS4?

Some of you like Xbox while some goes with PS4. Why don't you guys try PC Gaming? Yeah I know there are alot of letters and can get easily confused with the controls but PC you can change any part of your CPU to upgrade it. Try PC.

Both Consoles

Both Consoles are better than the previous and each console offers something a little different. I prefer ps4 because it's what I've always been comfortable with but Sony is very strict on somethings where Microsoft is not. For example if you were to buy skyrim or fallout 4 on both consoles you would notice that Xbox One has more access to better mods where the ps4 is quite limited to what mods they allow. In my opinion both consoles are great but the ps4 has better graphics and the Xbox One has more freedom. Just my opinion. As for the whole cell phone thing it shouldn't even be on this site. lol if you want to argue about which cellphone company is better I'm sure they have sites for that so let's keep this about playstation 5. Thanks guys have a great day.


As far as i know pc is the best gaming console on which you can get amazing graphics and speed.

a new ps5 game console

If e3 will reveal a ps5 game console and new ps5 games I play my friend ps3 I like it but I want one and ps4 its awesome PlayStation 5 is the future of video gaming of the year then they will reveal another Xbox game console 2017 I love video games let the e3 expo 2017 begin

better new released modifications

why not rechargeable make the $1k worth it. resale always goes down to far they need to make themselves a separate difference rather all this same modifications rereleased

PS5 Early

This PS5 Is Too Early. Take it slow. The PS4 Pro Just Came Out.

Forget PS4, XBOX One and PS5

Forget PS4, XBOX One and PS5 etc. Let me put it another way; I currently own a PS4 (500GB) When Sony decided to release the VR headset I was really interested and contemplated purchasing it until the PS4 Pro was announced which was capable of playing games at 4K when acutually the reality is it will only play them in 2K which means the current VR headset is only 1080p, so then they must be releasing another one right for the PS4 Pro?? (I have no ideas about this) Anyway as we all know PS5 has been leaked and I'm guessing this will actually be 4K. If so the sony will yet again release another VR headset that can play 4K content. All this made me decide to purchase a gaming PC and I haven't looked back. Don't bother with consoles, just get yourself a gaming PC instead.

Ps5 concept

What if ps5 is completely wireless even connecting to TV by Bluetooth and with a touch screen panel controller flat and only a power button with voice recognition and a CD ROM with also the blueray capabilities with a transparent cover over the CD rom. And use a computer cord instead for better power supply and multiple hard drives and ram capacity. They should find away to build it slimmer and maybe build a broader base or back depending how it sits so it has room and better stability and foundation!?


PC>playstation=Nintendo>xbox this is the real world. Nintendo is not in the same market as playstation and xbox so its hard to place it. PC always offer a better experience if you have the money. but with consoles now coming out at a record speed, console are no longer the cheaper way to game. put your hand in your pockets people and invest in a gaming pc.


We all know PlayStation 5 won't happen for quite some time. Developers have just started tapping into the potential of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If Sony releases PS5 anytime soon, it'll be too early and not well received.

PS5 won't come out until Sony

PS5 won't come out until Sony can release it at a price point they're comfortable with, which seems to be around $400. Considering PS4 Pro is still $400, it probably won't be for quite a while.

PS5 Release Date, Concepts, Price, Specs, News

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ps4 is lekker

I think ps5 is gonna rule,trust me on that

Thank you

Thank you

I don't really know why

I don't really know why anyone would hate on Sony. yes there could have been a few tweaks with ps4 but overall I love it. I have been a huge fan of Sony since the first playstation. never really did care for xbox except a few games that were Microsoft owned

Reply glory

I hope they bring back real games like SOCOM


this is a nice console

No 4 M3

I've waited long enough for backwards compatibility in the PS line, and did not get it. I won't wait for another 2 years for the PS5 to supposedly offer it. I'm buying an Xbox One X. If the PS5, or PS6, or whatever, finally does come out, and finally does offer backwards compatibility, I may buy one 2020, or whenever. I have a PS3, and have avoided buying any version of the PS4. Xmas 2017 is when I will buy my next game system, and it will be backwards compatible. The fact that it won't be a PS anything is Sony's fault...not mine.

Socom 5 on PS5

Bring it !@!


i used to have a xbox but when i played the ps4 i loved it the joysticks fit my hands great and yes both the ps4 and xbox have good games but i have to say hands down ps4 killed the xbox i will and for as long as i can see playstation will allways win hands down they have a better product



PS5 Winners



somone buy me an anime body pillow

games cars and apple

Omg you sony ponies are jack asses, and apple is a trash company who screws its workers and has avoided taxes in my country till now "screw them" as for toyota being boring and conservative.....they are the leader in 4wd's while gm and ford are better for sedans....bit hard to's like sony fans comparing pc to xbox one s what the!? Are you guys on drugs??? Anyhow scorpio has beaten the ps4 pro and ps5 will beat the scorpio....not hard to understand realy.


Stop arguing everyone has their own opinion about xbox and playstation.


Minecraft pigs are the way of transport and my diamond sword will kill your PS5


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