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Settling a bet? Perhaps you just need to see your favorite team win the big game? These are the sports game we’ll see on the PS5.

Our Top Picks For Sports Games on The PS5

1. Madden

Madden has had its ups and downs, but it’s the reigning football game to go to when you’re looking for an NFL experience on consoles. Could we see this contract end and another contender step up? It’s possible, but for now, we have to assume that Madden will continue to be the football game of choice on the PS5.

2. NBA 2K

The NBA series has done really well in recent years. Without unique features like story modes, career modes, and phenomenal graphics, basketball gamers have had nothing to complain about on the PS4. Here’s hoping the series can continue to innovate into the PS5 era.

Things like VR, further graphical enhancements, and other features will go a long way towards making this happen.

3. MLB The Show

Another uncontested champion in the sports arena is the MLB: The Show series. These games always nail the baseball simulation and have done an incredible job of adding new features every year. We’ll definitely see this one on the PS5.


Soccer games (or football depending on where you’re from), are another mainstay of console gaming. Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) go at it every year, and we’ll definitely see this war continue on the PS5.

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NHL 19

hi my name is Dalton moffat I was wondering if you can put NHL 19 on the ps5 please and thankyou


Is Skate 4 gonna come out on PS5?

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