Would you Pay $1,000 for a PS5?

$1,000 PS5

An examination of loyalty and the limits of the consumer’s wallet

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

- Ayn Rand

When you stop to think about it, the mere concept of money is a confounding thought. Why is it, that we are all so willing to place value on something that is worth nothing? What’s worse is credit cards, debit cards, and so on. These are not even actual money, but representations of it. My bank account is nothing more than numbers on a page, and yet it is my lifeblood. Perhaps we all continue to perpetuate the facsimile because we believe that at some point in our lives, we will have the power. After all, money buys everything, doesn't it?

Without diving any deeper into the psychological implications of applying value to something that has none, I’ll skip my ten page report on the misplaced faith of society and just get right to my point. If I told you that I would sell you a PlayStation 5 for a thousand dollars, would you buy it? I don’t think the answer is a simple yes or no. First off, does anyone sell it cheaper? How much disposable income do you have? Am I just buying a console, or does it come with something else? We’ll go into more detail on these and more subjects. Before we really dive in, I ask two things of you dear reader. One, hear me out. Two, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion in the comments below. This is a subject ripe and ready for debate.

The Blind and Faithful Followers

First and foremost, we must call out to the chosen few who have relegated themselves to buy any console Sony makes at any price because they believe wholeheartedly in the vision of Sony and more importantly in the investment that PlayStation offers. I would count myself in this group, and although Sony isn’t always right, they have never betrayed me so utterly that I found myself questioning my loyalty. What’s more is that loyalty is easy to break and hard to attain. I know I am not the only one who would follow PlayStation well into the thousand dollar realm of cost.

playstation 5 $1000

Why, you ask? Well for four hundred dollars the PS4 is a steal for starters. Would I have paid a thousand for it? As it stands, probably not, but that doesn’t betray my claims of loyalty because I believe Sony delivered a product that justifies its costs. They don’t assign price based on games of luck and chance. There’s rhyme and reason to it, and that’s why the PS4 deserves its price tag.

With the PS5, if they announced a thousand dollar price tag, they would have first showed me a product that is worthy of a thousand dollars. Loyalty may not be the driving force of all gamers, but is pushes a select few to follow their chosen patrons to the bitter end.

Put your Money where your Mouth is

So what exactly does a thousand dollar product look like? Well, for one the system would need to combine several of Sony’s products and services into one. For example, if the PS4 was six hundred, but it came with a Vita and games for each, people would buy it. For the PS5, we would need to see a all in one entertainment device that goes with us. It needs to be portable, it needs to be powerful, and it needs to be overwhelming in its breadth of features. People will invest in a product that they believe justifies the cost and even with a thousand dollar price tag the PS5 would still sell with the proper feature set.

playstation 5 1000 dollars

So what exactly would that feature set look like? Well, beyond the portability and power mentioned above, the PS5 should include the ability to purchase upgrades similar to a PC. A modular design similar to the upcoming Steam Machines would do nicely as it would provide an easy and simple way to supplement parts of the system with more effective ones. With a model like this, people would feel more inclined to invest a larger amount as the longevity of the system would increase drastically based on the number of upgrades they could be employed to strengthen the systems power.

With concepts like cloud streaming and digital downloads, this modular concept could act as an almost personal server in the users home that could be upgraded with smaller purchases once the base model has been purchased. The promise of upgrades over the course of say ten years or so, would mean that the investment is more worthwhile. This is doubly so if the upgrades are priced around one to two hundred dollars every three to four years. A upgrade package here would be ideal, replacing the major components with upgraded materials.

With PlayStation Plus, Sony has already shown us that they can provide a value to their services and if the PS5 does include a thousand dollar price point, it would be beneficial if the system included a minimum year of a premium VIP service that offered access to either free game downloads like PlayStation Plus or it could provide early access to upcoming titles. Again, the price point should instill an almost overwhelming sense of value in the consumer’s eyes in order to justify the price.

Options for all types of Consumers

When we start discussing price points of this magnitude, we have to understand that such a price point can range anywhere from outrageous to completely doable depending on the consumer in question. For the PS5 to sell at this price, there should be options for how to buy it. Of course, retailers could offer a pre order payment plan or a layaway, but it would be more prudent on Sony’s part to instead offer their own methods of payment. For example, they could offer the system at a down payment price and provide the consumer with options for payment plans.

In this way, the consumer would receive their system when they want it, and would simply be contracted by Sony to abide by a payment plan. Much like taking a loan out on a car or a house, on a smaller scale. This may seem ridiculous to some, but this kind of option would go a long way towards selling more systems.

If you Build it, They will Come

This is the part where you chime in readers. This is merely the opinions of one writer, gamer, and Loyal PlayStation fan. Do you agree, do you disagree? We want to know, and we want to know why. Tell me how much you would pay, how you would pay for it, and what it should come with. Build your thousand dollar machine and don’t spare the gory details. This is a debate that will last long into the years to come and it starts now. I’ve fired the first shot, now it’s time to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

You heard the man, tell us what you think! Prices, features, whatever you want to discuss, bring it to the comments and let the debates begin!

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$800 to 1000 when its out

$800 to 1000 when its out because everything is getting to cost more but still a lil more expensive because ps4 is missing stuff like wallpaper,saving videos,pics and adding music maybe because people putting up a fuss on the ps3 price release you get what you pay for and i would rather pay alot for alot than pay nothing for nothing but i dont want to pay alot for average or a little for nothing so dont charge more than its worth pretty much


playstation is just getting worse ps4 was supposed to be awesome now theres problems with the music,pics,wallpapers playstation is supposed to get better but its getting worse and more expensive I have playstation and since playstations getting worse im thinking about switching to xbox because xbox actually looks back to make the sure music saves pics save xbox is making sure you have a good system unlike sony ,sony is just building and selling sony playstation has to look back at what there doing or if not playstation is gonna go out of business or people are just not going to use any playstation they are going to use the company that makes sure you have a good system witch is xbox.

Samsung yes , Toshiba yes ,

Samsung yes , Toshiba yes , Nintendo yes , MS yes. I would buy a $1000 product from these companies mentioned in my comment but from the company in the Article mot even in death .


MS?!?!?!? they suck. I'm all apple

Take my money

People buying mobile phone 1k every year. ..what's the problem in buying 1k console will at least last for 7 years

hola! Vivo en Argentina, lo

hola! Vivo en Argentina, lo cual hace que los precios de salida de producto se disparen a las nubes... Por ejemplo, aquí, una PS4 se vendía en los días de lanzamiento y cuando había poca oferta, por mas de $10.000 Arg... lo que sería alrededor de U$S 1.200.- Lo que quiero decir que el fanatismo hace que todo se venda por mas que suban el precio. :) saludos a todos.


I want the last 5 minutes of my life back please.

Price range outside US-EU

In many countries, the ps4 cost around 800 usd, and in some cases, because of resellers, it get up to 1000, specially in Latin America, and it sold out anyway. Now a couple moths later, for example, in Mexico, it costs $8000 pesos which is like $600 USd, the basic SKU. The Xb one costs like $8000 pesos, like $580 USD (kinect included), it sold out to.

Wow thats alot in Canada its 350$

Its 350$ in canada at walmart and like 280$ at play n trade but at like target and amazon its 380$ cad So that like 200 something usd

Wow thats alot in Canada its 350$

Its 350$ in canada at walmart and like 280$ at play n trade but at like target and amazon its 380$ cad So that like 200 something usd


I just witnessed the death of my fourth PS3. So if I said no, I would be lying. I have already spent over $1000 on PS3.

yeah,sure if its worth

no ''obsolescence programmer'' and same technology as a pc peace price(i7, titan.. thing like that) and maybe an awesome system that allow you to do what you want(combine technology) if its worth i can pay, else computer that worth 1000 are bomb. 4k could be nice

PlayStation 5

I want it by tomorrow already!

Too expensive!

If this is PS4's cost, what will be for PS6?!


this .... is fake who would believe some bull .... like this i mean comeon u must be on some type of drug to believe some .... like this

ps5 price

I think $-1000 us dollars is best price for ps5 but the specifican is nanotechnology processer and Nvidia graphics and up to 16 gb 3d ram and blue ray player is best for this price.


NO,because you are just gonna make another one anyway and you should at least make it affordable. If you make $1000 you will get lots of money,but not to many sales. Also the people who buy it will be mad,because they spent all their money on a game console with no games! That's why you should at least make $500 to $550 or less and if you make non affordable I will be in a state of mind were I will go insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No 1000 for ps5 its to much men


The PS5 should have a turtle picture

ps5 noooooooooooooooo

god $1000 is very much expensive I get sallery of 300 dollars per month only guess what it's too expensive....!

no 500 dollars is enough

were paying 500 dollors for our consols already the max limit I would go is 700


How can I win one

its to expinsev

im no longer buying video game system's to expinsev im useing all my old system's ps4 ps vita might as well not buy it becouse as soon as i got my ps4 the ps5 comes out and cost's 1,000 dallar's or 800 dollar's im so poor right now my mom can barley buy food do you think i'll be able to buy a ps5

about the ps5

i think just some people are gonna buy these because of being expensive and i think this company will broke.but as i calculated ps5s are gonna have the most sales.

love the ps4 but yea i prob

love the ps4 but yea i prob would pay for it cause im not poor like the rest of yous

PS4 price

400 dollars in NOTHING for ps4. You spend EVERY YEAR 500 dollars+ on iphones which will be "outdated" 1 year later.. 400 dollars for a console which will last at least 6-7 years is litterally nothing..hell! It doesnt even cost 400! You can find it at aprox 300 or 350 + a game (like uncharted 4 or so)


yea, i buy it sooo fast i would run soo quicky and make it threw all the traffik and like jump the traffik light like sooo blasing fast and get to the sony store and say like hey you give me sony PS 5 now. and give them my $1000 dolloars because i have my money in plastic credit cards get home and put in on my tv and play and be like i am going to youtube videos and beat people online. that is what i do now on the ps 3 i have. yeap people say you are good on the ps3 and I say yea i am better on ps4 but i dont have one and i win allll the time. peace!

Not Worth It

Yeeaaah, no. If it's gonna cost 1k than I see no point in getting it cause if it's just the console alone, considering everything I have to buy besides it adds a few hundred dollars and even worse is the system slowly breaking down over just a few years before the next so called "new and improved" version comes out. I'd rather go back and play PS1-3 games that I grew up with again than whatever this will have.

Adding the right upgrades

As was commented in the description of making it more like a PC.. Yes. SSD's a must for the systems. Even perhaps an M.2 type of protocol. Faster boot times etc. Graphics cards, Memory storage. All should be able to be easily upgrade-able as components become more advanced. ( We ) Those of us with an affordable income.., Wish to be heard and given a respect to have the right at the opportunity to purchase a valuable system to which the value of an upgrade-able system would be an effective way to be future proofed and high value. That's worth a 1000.00 to me. God Bless us all.

No, common sense.

I'm sorry, No, I would not pay $1,000 for a Ps5. Do you think the average console gamer is made of money? Like we have $100 bills to throw wherever we please? That's ridiculous! Even if the console has all the brand new technology Sony boasts it will have, the price tag will limit the marketability of the item to those die-hard fans who will work forever to pay for it. Sure, the hardware/software the Ps5 may have is well worth over $1000. But $400 is much more reasonable, as the Ps5 would be affordable for the average gamer. The lower price is worth it, as more people would buy it. -Your Wise and Fellow Gamer, The Concerned Console Gamer.


I find it disappointing that sony would do this but the only way for them to get me to buy that is if they include about 3-4 games and the game play has to blow xbox out of the water.


If the system came with everything I would drop a dime in a heartbeat. The problem now is that both Sony and Microsoft are selling bare bones units. I want a system that has 2 controllers that charge and charger, headset, and a couple of games. The unit itself can lose money for them. It is a 7 year investment in online sales, membership for online, game, and royalties for 3rd party sales. Lastly, I don't want upgradable systems to extend life. I have a PC don't need another. One system lasting 4 or 5 years is fine.

2000 for a Ps5

Absolutely ! u get what u pay for.

Ps5 for 1000

MY ANSWER IS : NO AS a disabled Vet I cannot afford 1000 500 is my Cap as anything higher may cause a speed bump in an otherwise gr8t marriage of over 20 years . I cannot see spending more on ps5 than I paid for my ultra 4k smart 55" Philips tv which was only 450@walmart

About the ps5

I might buy ps5 about $1000 but if I wait a long time to buy the system the price of the system will lower the price. I wonder the accessories and games are not over $60 (most people would like this sentence). people might buy ps5 if it can remastered ps3,and ps2 and can play ps4 games and accessories people might buy it when its near $1000. Just remember economy and gas prices r going up so start think about selling PS5 $1000.


$1000.00, in the end including games, controllers, improved generation VR system etc. easily pushing into 2K$. I would like them to take the risk of not leaving anything on the table with this console (not saving any feature, upgrade etc. for future consoles). Everyone who wanted the VR and the PS4 Pro easily spent over $1000k with games and all so this System has to be beyond and I will want to find out for myself when it does arrive. I'm PS4 only but with my Pro, could have just settled for the slim version

Payment for PS5

I would love to buy PlayStation for 1,000.00

Price for PS5

I never buy a unit when it first hits the market, the price is way to high!

People should get the system

People should get the system on how much it cost from reviews and features of the system

Most definitely not.

It's only one small reason, but the fact that online needs ps+ is going to stop me from buying any future playstations unless they give online free. I know why they need to do that, so they can pay for the servers, but for me it's just a deal breaker.

i am going to save like crazy

i am going to save like crazy as much money as possible to buy ps5 and xbox 2 at least 2,000 dollars or close to it.

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