PS5 Wall Mount

Throughout the years we have seen many different wall mounts for PlayStation. Some of them hide it behind your flat screen, but the most popular by far are those that make it the center piece, the guest of honor in your living room/gaming space. Personally, I lean towards the latter. Not only do PlayStations have a stunning, elegant design that tends to be a trend setter in the industry, but it is also about making a statement: This is my console. You may have another one in your house, but here, this is what we do. PS5 Wall Mount Design Coming Soon! Then comes the practicality of it. If you have a huge room just for you and your video games, well that is fantastic. But not everyone has a lot of space, and mounting things on a wall is an excellent way to save space and reduce trip hazards. There are a few wall mounts for Playstation that help you manage cables and controllers, too. The final design of the PS5 is incredible and we are working on an equally incredible PS5 wall mount. And fans around the world are going to want to show it off. What should you be looking for in a PS5 wall mount? Number one is safety. It is hard to beat a metal chassis. Sure, some plastics are very strong, but most plastic frames use metal components for fixing them to the wall, which adds strain the plastic that could eventually break it. Aluminum and steel are great options. Material thickness is also important, even though it is difficult to figure that out if you are buying online. If you are unsure about the thickness of the material, look for those structural ribs in the design. It is great for stability. We will talk about more ideal features for a PS5 wall mount in future entries. Stay tuned!