GTA VI: 5 Time Periods We Want to Visit

Grand Theft Auto has always been a series that takes place in the modern era, save a few exceptions. It’s usually a commentary on the society we live in, but what if Rockstar took GTA VI to a brand new time period? With this in mind, these are five time periods we think would be a great fit for Grand Theft Auto VI. 5 Settings For GTA VI Besides Present Day Looking at the state of our world right now, it’s clear that Rockstar would have a lot to work with if they tried to satirize the events of 2018 and 2019 as they develop. Despite this, Rock co-founder Dan Houser told GQ in October of 2018 that he’s “thankful” they weren’t working on GTA VI just yet. He went on to elaborate on his statement: “It’s really unclear what we would even do with it, let alone how upset people would get with whatever we did,” he said. “Both intense liberal progression and intense conservatism are both very militant, and very angry. It is scary but it’s also strange, and yet both of them seem occasionally to veer towards the absurd. It’s hard to satirise for those reasons. Some of the stuff you see is straightforwardly beyond satire.” Well, he’s not wrong. This could be a good opportunity for Rockstar to take their trademark style to another time period. No matter what they do, they’ll stick court controversy, but at least this way they can do it outside the lens of modern politics. Here are our picks for five time periods that Rockstar could use for GTA VI: 1920’s – The Height of the Mafia The organized crime wave of the 1920s led to a network of operations across multiple US cities, including New York and Chicago. Their rise to power came largely from the success of the liquor trade during the 1920s Prohibition era. Once prohibition was lifted, mafia activities shifted to drug trafficking, illegal gambling, and infiltrating businesses like labor unions and construction firms. You can see how this story writes itself, right? Now, we’ve seen the Mafia series adopt the GTA formula in several releases, and while the storytelling in those games was quite good, the gameplay left a lot to be desired. Imagine what Rockstar could do with this time period. The closest we ever got to this idea made real was probably EA’s The Godfather game that released on Xbox 360 and PS3. This title followed the popular film of the same name, but it offered some really unique gameplay mechanics and the opportunity to intimidate business owners for protection money. It may not offer the technology of the modern era, but I for one would be interested in Rockstar’s take on this turbulent time period, and perhaps some reimaginings of major events like the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. 1970’s – Detroit Rock City Credit for this idea goes to both /u/redcomet0079 and /u/cruzweb, who suggested a GTA game set in Detroit during the … Read More

10 Ideas GTA VI Should “Borrow” From Other Games

Rockstar has long defined the open world genre of games with each and every Grand Theft Auto release, but I for one would like to see GTA VI take things one step further and “borrow” some of the best mechanics and design choices from the last generation of gaming. Imagine what Rockstar would do, given the ability implement these ideas. While many games have used concepts from Grand Theft Auto, these are the ideas we want Rockstar to take back in GTA VI. 10 Mechanics Rockstar Should Use and Improve on in GTA VI This list is by no means an exhaustive look at innovative game mechanics, but it does look at a few ideas we’ve seen in past GTA games, and plenty of new ideas from other open world titles in recent years. There’s no shame is using the same idea or mechanic in a newer game. The important part is that you innovate on it and make it better. Rockstar isn’t a developer that would simply rip off a concept from another title, so I for one would love to see what they could do with these: Hygiene Affects How People Treat You (Kingdom Come: Deliverance) Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the kind of RPG that only fans of ultra-realistic games will appreciate. The game had some rough spots at launch, but it also had a lot of interesting ideas. While it’s certainly worth a look if you’re into a realistic medieval RPG, one mechanic could work really well in GTA VI. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance you need to maintain your hygiene if you want people to respect you or discover romantic options. After fighting, swimming, or falling into mud, your character begins to look dirty and will eventually smell to the point where other characters comment on it. You can wash yourself in buckets of water, but the only true way to clean up is to find bathhouses. This kind of mechanic in GTA VI would allow for deeper interactions with NPCs in the world. It’s also possible that certain missions would require you to be more or less clean to fit in, which could be really interesting. In either case, it would add to the realism and give Rockstar a chance to insert more of the social commentary that makes their games great. Crafting/Cooking Mechanics (Survival Games, Minecraft, etc.) While Grand Theft Auto games typically take place in modern cities where you buy pretty much anything you want, they’ve never given you the chance to craft your own weapons or cook meals to boost your stats. The idea of characters creating makeshift weapons and bombs is not outside the realm of possibility in any modern city. Furthermore, it would be fun to go grocery shopping and cook meals for yourself that you can consume to give you a boost of strength or health. GTA VI doesn’t need survival mechanics (unless that applies to the setting), but the option to create your own items or cook meals would … Read More

GTA VI on The PS5: 10 Places We Would Love to Visit

Rockstar delivered another hit with Red Dead Redemption 2, but we all know what’s coming next from the acclaimed game developer. While we most certainly won’t see it for a few more years, Grand Theft Auto VI, abbreviated as GTA VI, is coming to the PS5. The settings of these games is always an important decision. Should the new title go somewhere new, or revive a fan favorite in glorious 4K? These are ten places we wouldn’t mind visiting for the next entry in the GTA series. 10 Places Rockstar Could Choose For GTA VI’s Setting Some of these places are backed by substantial rumors. Others are complete speculation, and a few are wishful thinking. Rockstar usually creates a map of their own based on real world locations. Given this, if they decide to use one of these locations, it will most likely be under a different name. For example, Liberty City is based on New York. So where will GTA 6 take place?Let’s check out the best places the world has to offer for a Grand Theft Auto experience! 1. Vice City (Miami, FL) Our first pick is a GTA classic. The original GTA: Vice City was released on the PS2 and remains one of the best entries for a number of reasons. The setting, which was a fun twist on the 80s version of Miami, Florida, added a lot of color and style to proceedings. Not only has this setting been teased in the past, but a report from The Know revealed that a trusted source claims this is indeed going to be the setting of the next game. The game is currently dubbed “Project Americas” according to them. They even went on to predict that it would delve into the drug trade of the time and have the player visiting South America on occasion as well. Plenty of potential stories to work with here, which makes this one of the most likely settings for Grand Theft Auto VI. 2. The Entire United States What’s wrong with dreaming big? Other games this generation have tried to pack the entire United States into a single map (I’m looking at you The Crew), and had somewhat successful results. With the power of the PS5 at their back, Rockstar could finally connect all of their cities together into a super map. Imagine being able to visit San Andreas, Liberty City, Vice City, and possibly other locations as well without ever switching games. It would certainly be amazing, but this kind of decision wouldn’t leave much for future titles to go on. They would have to plan for the long-term if they wanted to use a map as large as this. 3. Chicago How would you like the next Grand Theft Auto to take place in the Windy City? It retains a lot of the scenic views that have inspired other locations, but it also has its own unique sights and a rich history to boot. If Rockstar decided to use this … Read More

GTA 6 on the PS5 – Release Date, Map, News

Today we’re going to look at some new rumors that suggest the next Grand Theft Auto game is coming to the PlayStation 5. We’ll also look at other rumors that are helping us build an idea of how Rockstar plans to top themselves with the next release in their ongoing series. Release Date on the PS5 Sony really had people going for a minute during the PS5 reveal event. They opened with footage of GTA V, which made everyone think an announcement was coming! Instead, we got confirmation that GTA online would be coming to PS5 as a free standalone game for PS5 users. Geoff Keighly also tweeted, confirming the single player portion is also getting ported to the PS5 in the second half of 2021. I mean, that’s fine, but how about the sequel we all know exists? GTA Playstation Release Dates PS1 GTA 1 December 1997 PS1 GTA 2 October 1999 PS2 GTA 3 October 22, 2001 PS2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City October 29, 2002 PS2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas October 26, 2004 PS3 Grand Theft Auto IV April 29, 2008 PS3 / PS4 GTA 5 September 17, 2013 PS5 GTA 6 2022 When Grand Theft Auto V arrives on PlayStation 5 in the second half of 2021, a standalone GTAO will also be released for free for PlayStation 5 users. — Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) August 3, 2020 New August 2020 Rumor Points to Vice City Once Again With the PS5 coming out later in 2020, the talk about GTA VI is reaching a fever-pitch. People are hungry for anything and everything they can get their hands on. As it turns out, we’ve finally seen some new information, even if it’s only more rumors. It all ties back to the soundtrack, which is a big part of Grand Theft Auto. We all know that Rockstar picks some period-appropriate tunes for their games and places them into radio stations. As it turns out, a synthwave musician by the name of Pete Brian Rice, tweeted out something that suggests Rockstar was sourcing this kind of music for their next game. While the tweet was later deleted, the internet is forever. Take a look at this screenshot: Why is this important? Synthwave is a genre that was most popular during the 1980’s, and what other Rockstar game took place in this time period? Oh yeah, GTA: Vice City. This actually lines up with some of the other rumors we’ve seen (see stories below), so I’m inclined to believe that this music leak is indeed further proof of the GTA VI map being set at least partially in Vice City. Another Reddit post also made the rounds in recent memory. While also deleted, again, the internet is forever. This screenshot below outlines the information provided by the user markothemexicam, who has been right in the past about GTA online content: So, what are we looking at here? The highlights include that they spoke to a person who supposedly did … Read More