Playstation 5 Console

A Playstation 5 concept design by the talented David Hansson. These designs go for a contrast between black and white on the controller. The two-tone design works really well for these next generation controllers. The controllers here are a little more elongated than the design we currently have, but the general shape remains the same. Sony is already hard at work on the next gaming console generation. What do you think it will look like? Show David some love and share with your friends so others can check out his work!

PS5 Console, Controller, & 3D Glasses Sketch

A PS5 concept sketch design by the talented Danny Haymond Jr. These sketches show off a new design for the DualShock 5 and a design for PlayStation VR 2.0. The console has a slim design with a pad for displaying holographic images. The VR headset is a much slimmer design than the one we have now. From the looks of it, it’s also wireless. While this type of technology is possible, it’s likely we won’t see a wireless VR headset until after the launch of the PS5. Do you think the next generation console will look like this? Show Danny some love and share with your friends. See the full PS5 Design here

PS5 – Holographic – Future Generation

This PS5 design Incorporates the benefits of hi-fiber networking for non-local processing power, rt-superconductors and haptic holographic technology to deliver an exclusive gaming encounter. This kind of stuff may sound like science fiction, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. A company called Looking Glass has already been working on holographic displays. They are joined by another recent contender called Holovect which launched their product on Kickstarter. Their focus is currently on “volumetric vector images.” The difference right now, is that Looking Glass creates images within a box, while Holovect creates free-floating images in the air. While these don’t represent the kind of holograms shown in these concept images, they are the beginnings of technology like this. View the full PS5 design here

PS5 Floating Sphere

PS5 Sphere Design and DualShock 5 controller. This would be a much smaller design that prior consoles. The levitation could be done with magnetic fields or even quantum locking. A console this small would most likely be digital as there’s no room for a disc. This design would work well for a cloud-based console. Games would be streamed directly to it, making the PS5 a sleek and simple console. Add some sort of portability and it would give the Switch a run for its money! The major obstacles here would be a steady internet connection that can support cloud streaming. Any drop in the connection would cause the game to run poorly or exhibit lag in the controls. This would be annoying for single player, but it would absolutely ruin multiplayer gaming as it would cause an uneven playing field. View the full PS5 design here