Dead Space Remake, online gaming outage and more in this weeks drop!

Welcome back to another gaming new update here at PS5 Gamers. The Non-E3 EA event has passed us by and it was a decent showing. We got a little extra news on some of the upcoming titles we were expecting. PSN, Xbox Live and Steam went down yesterday for a short stint and more! Let’s get to it! 


We got confirmation that Dead Space is getting a remake from the ground up and it is exclusive to current Gen consoles. I know some folks feel like the PS4 and Xbox One X/S are still current, but alas, they are last Gen consoles now. Sorry. The good news for current gen console owners is a Dead Space Remake. Personally, I cannot wait! 


During the show at EA Play, it was also announced that Battlefield 2024 is getting a sandbox mode called Battlefield Portal. Players will be able to custom build their own Battlefield experience. Moreover, players can upload their creations for others to try out. It seems like something we could have had in past titles, but now works for me. Lots more seems to be coming to Battlefield 2024, so I for one am pretty excited to see how the actual hands-on game turns out. 


Did you run into some issues getting online yesterday? Well, you weren’t alone. For whatever reason, the internet was causing problems for PlayStation, Xbox and Stream gamers alike! At no fault to any of the companies that own the services listed above, the net wasn’t having it. It wasn’t down long and by the time most people heard about the outage, it was already cleared up, but I had to laugh when I started seeing comments on social media about how which service is better because the other was down… well, let’s just say a fool will make a fool of themselves even when there is ample opportunity to avoid it. Good job to those that handled the trolling with a little wit and some kindness sprinkled on top. 


Shout out to the soccer fans reading up on this article. Konami has rebranded Pro Evolution Soccer to eFootball and it is fully free to play. eFootball is scheduled to release sometime this fall and will drop on last Gen, current Gen and PC, but not Nintendo. Nintendo is in a market of its own and I don’t think the company cares either. That being said, eFootball is a cross platform title, so you won’t be restricted to the console family you typically play on. You won’t need a subscription service to play online either. 


Call of Duty Black Ops and Warzone got mid season updates the other day. Weapon balances, bug fixes, all kinds of good stuff, but Warzone did get a little something extra. A new game mode called Payload, which if I’m being honest here, doesn’t really fit into the CoD franchise in my opinion. 


For starters, a lot of people don’t seem to understand how the game mode is played. Most players are either in it to rack up kills and don’t care and a bunch are just running around complaining while they get picked off. TTK is much higher than in traditional Warzone and I don’t think that helps matters any. The mode itself isn’t doing anything great for Warzone, but kudos to those that are in fact enjoying it. I’ll keep playing payload modes on other titles and I’ll just keep enjoying the BR mode when I can. 


So, unrelated to CoD, but related to the publishing company, Activision Blizzard is in some hot water and if the allegations are true, then this company deserves everything coming it’s way. If you haven’t heard, the State of California has filed a lawsuit against the company for sexual harassment and discrimination. Apparently it has been going on for years and has been getting swept under the rug. 


If this does turn out to be the case, then Activision Blizzard is going to deal with some serious ramifications from the gaming community, not to mention the law and the rest of the media. This could also affect percent company Activision in the long run is by chance a deeper look into the all of the companies involved with Activision were to happen. Hopefully justice will be served if these allegations are found to be true. 


The boycotting of Activision Blizzard games has already begun to take place as media outlets and live streamers have announced they will not cover games from Activision Blizzard. Prima Games even tweeted that it will not cover anything from Activision, Blizzard or Ubisoft as Ubisoft is also facing the same serious allegations right now. This looks to be just the beginning, so we will keep you updated as more is learned. 


Well, that about does it for me. I’m the meantime, let me know if you’re excited for the Dead Space remake, your thoughts on the Payload mode in Warzone and what you think should happen to the games punishers accused of sexual harassment and discrimination. Until next time and thanks for reading. As always, I will see you online.


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