Easy Rune farming for Eldin Ring Newcomers

Elden Ring, Oh Elden Ring! What many critics are considering the best title to release from developer FromSoftware (myself included), this game delivers plenty of challenges for most players. To help with those challenges, I’m going to drop some tips and tricks I have learned about along the way. If you have any tips, please, feel free to share them!


Today I’m going to tell you about what seems to be the easiest way to farm runes in Elden Ring when you’re fairly new to the game. Runes are needed for leveling up your character, your weapons and much more! While farming is repetitive and can get boring rather quick, it’s still something I find myself doing when in desperate need to gain a few more levels for different reasons at the time.


The initial area for a higher rune payout can be quite treacherous for a lower level player, but the risks are worth it in the end. In order to her there, you’ll need to locate the Bestial Sanctum. In order to find this grace, you’ll need to defeat the boss Margit. If there is a way around this boss fight, I have no knowledge of it, but summon a few helpers if the boss proves to be a bit much for you. Once you’ve defeated Margit, you can move onto the Round Table area and speak with a character that is sitting at the table. D, hunter of the dead, will offer up some information you need to find your way to the grace location and sell/teach you incantations.


From here, check your map and place a beacon to location D has pointed out to you. I would suggest fast traveling to the grave that I’d closest to the location you’re looking for and then riding Torrent the rest of the way. Once you have reached the area, it’s time to look a little closer and you will see a portal. Go ahead and use the portal and you will safely arrive in Bestial Sanctum.


You will be a rather large fellow on the other side of the room. Go ahead and chat him up, he’s friendly. Notice in the opposite direction of the room is an exit and a not so friendly baddy will be standing guard. No need to worry about him right now, because you’re going to ride right past him while using torrent. If you’re here to farm runes, you’re probably not quite ready for this fight. He takes a lot of damage before he’ll go down.


If you don’t want to disturb the boss, you can go left or right once you step out the main doors and work your way down to Lennes Rise where you’ll find another grace. Before you reach Lennes Rise, you’ll have to travel a little ways to get there. There are plenty of enemies to fight along the way if you’re feeling froggy. These enemies are worth around 1000 runes and aren’t real tough to take down, but they can and will overwhelm players if too many of them start attacking at once.


If you’re looking to avoid battles for the time being, what you need to do is go straight past the boss that’s guarding the door and just gallop straight ahead to a small bridge that will appear in front you shortly. A dragon will appear there and you can easily gallop past it and keep going. Keep in mind that if you’re doing this during in-game night time, other baddies will be roaming around as well.


Now that you’ve gotten past the bridge, you’ll see the grave site ahead. Go ahead and activate the grace and rest. Once you’ve rested, it’s time to begin farming for runes. On one side of, you’ll see a building that has a magic barrier protecting the door. If you look in the opposite direction, you’ll the road/path that veers to the left. That’s the farming spot.


Hop on your horse and head down the path and not long into the path a giant boulder will appear and come rolling toward you. When the ball appears, turn around and stay close to the edge and gallop back up the patch you came down. The ball will fall over the ledge and offer you almost 2000 runes per drop. Pull up your map, travel back Lennes Rise and repeat the process as many times as you’d like.


It might take a few practice runs to figure out just how to navigate around the ball and where to lead it, but once you get that rhythm going, it’s a piece of cake. Good luck and have fun!





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