Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring is here at last and if you have been reading the reviews, you know this game is probably pretty damn good. Being compared to games like The Legend of Zelda is no easy feat and dare I boast my opinions with others and claim that this could be one of the greatest games that have ever been created? Yes… yes I do. This game is indeed an instant classic and a literal game changer for the industry. It will go down in gaming hosted as one of the best games ever created and there are plenty of good reasons.


So, so many things to discuss and so little space in this review, but I’m going to do what I can to fill you in and not spoil anything. If you want spoilers, be sure to check the page regularly as I’ll be writing up walkthroughs to help tarnished souls get around this massive game.


Speaking of massive, I don’t think I could quite explain how massive this open world RPG really is. Man, this will set a new standard for size and beauty. Not only is it massive, but well detailed and beautiful. Souls games have always been beautiful, but often restricted in how far you can travel. Souls game maps are tight enough to feel like a path has been partly carved out for you and it’s fairly easy to stay on track. Elden Ring definitely follows the spirit of Souls games, but it does it even better than any of the Souls title have. It is amazing. And if you’re by chance a Souls fan, you’ll likely agree.


On one hand, this game has had some changes that seem to make things a little simpler than in the Souls games. You can jump with the cross button now. That’s a big deal to me because I am not a fan of holding the circle button to sprint and then pressing it again to jump. Furthermore, you can summon your steed to help navigate through the large map with speed and that includes a double jump on horseback. I didn’t realize just how useful the horse would be and it doesn’t hurt that you can still swing a sword while riding.


You can still use multi-player to call in two other players to help aid you along the way for boss battles and even use a chat feature instead of just using gestures. The bosses in my opinion are much more difficult to take down this time around. It’s like Sekiro meets Dark Souls. Not everyone has the patience to play a title like this. Many will say the game is too difficult because they want to just run into every fight unprepared without any plan of attack. Then you have the seasoned player that claims that this game isn’t difficult at all and if you disagree, you must suck. Sorry pal, the expression you’re looking for is simply put as “Git Good!” It can be a very difficult game, so let’s not pretend it isn’t.


The storyline is unique and is better explained than in the Souls series. We solid give some of that credit to George R. R. Martin, writer of the Game of Thrones series, who just so happened to collaborate with Fromsoftware on Elden Ring. Quite an impressive duo!


Graphics, controls, multi-player, audio! It’s all superb and you’ll have a hard time convincing me and many others that we’re wrong about this one. This is definitely a game that gives you more value for your dollar and it easily gets a 10 out of 10 from me! I really love the latest Horizon entry and thought it was going to be hard to beat and I gave it a 10 out of 10, but Elden Ring is just as deserving if not more.


I’m telling you, this game is a masterpiece. 10 out of 10, all day long. Get out there and give it an honest shot. If you find yourself frustrated, keep in mind that if you were really living in a world like this, it would be even more challenging than the game itself. Thanks for reading up on my review of Eldin Ring. I’ll see you online!




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