Final Fantasy VII Remake Preview – The Long Road Ahead

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5

Many a gamer, myself included, has a strong attachment to the Final Fantasy series. We all have our favorites, but it’s clear that the seventh entry is perhaps the most widely praised by the fans. It’s this rabid fandom that led to the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

At E3 2019, we heard that the first entry in this remake will be out in March of 2020, with no concrete news on when or how many other entries may follow. With the game just getting started, it’s time to talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PS5.

To Midgar, and Beyond!

We finally saw gameplay during the Square Enix E3 2019 press conference, and FFVII Remake is coming along nicely. The combat seems to be a mixture of real-time attacks and the ability to switch between characters on the fly.

It’s a little hectic, and certainly not a turn-based system like the original. However, there’s no denying that it looks fantastic. We also got a release date for the first entry in the remake: March 3, 2020. This first part of the game will focus on Midgar exclusively, with the team promising that the experience has indeed been filled out into a full length game.

When asked about subsequent entries in this remake, the information is scarce. Additionally, no one seems to know just how many titles this concept will span. One thing is certain: the PS5 will be out before we see the next entry in the FFVII Remake saga.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed For PS5?

It’s a pretty safe bet we will see subsequent parts released on next generation consoles, but what about this first entry? Game Informer caught up with Square Enix President and CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, and asked him this very question.

“I believe that our teams have made it so that the game will support both the next generation and the current generation of consoles. I believe it is being developed so that it is going to be playable on both, so I’m not really concerned about that and I believe that the fans are also going to be a able to enjoy it on both, including the next-generation of consoles.”

The wording here is careful, so as not to falsely confirm the information. Notice how he says “I believe…” before many statements. Even so, it’s most likely a safe bet we will see Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PS5.

Will you hold out for the next-gen version, or buy the first part on PS4 day one? Let us know in the comments!

Article by – Bradley Ramsey
Insert date – 6/18/19

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