Gamer Resolutions for 2021

Welcome to another PS Weekly article! We’re skipping the news updates and preparing for the New Year! I think it’s safe to say most of us are glad to see 2020 pass onto 2021. It has been a trying year and while things won’t likely get much at the start of 2021, we can certainly try to make sure the New Year kicks off in the best possible way, right? To help bring in the New year, here are some Gamer Resolutions I am going to “try” and commit to and maybe you too? 


We as gamers are pretty lucky. We have a hobby that seems to be virtually pandemic proof. It has caused some delays and definitely created problems in regard to ordering next gen consoles, but these issues aside, we are armed to teeth with a massive library of games at our fingertips. Which brings us to our first subject: the gaming backlog.


I don’t know about you, but I have an enormous backlog of uncompleted games that I really need to get to. I don’t even care if I don’t through all of them, as much as I have a handful of ones that I really want to complete, but I often find myself distracted with a new game that I decide to play instead. Because I seem to have a little extra free time at home these days, I’m going to try and set aside a couple of hours a week to catch up on some of my older titles. While it isn’t a life changing resolution, it seems simple enough to commit to. How’s your backlog looking? 


Another resolution I have is to keep trying to be a better person when it comes to online gaming. Not a better gamer mind you, a better person. I need to work on not feeding the trolls and spreading positivity where I can online, instead of allowing myself to stoop down to a troll’s level from time to time. I take no real pleasure in shutting a troll down by using my wits. I need to work on ignoring them rather than battle them. While it seems funny in the moment, the reality is, I’m not helping anyone if I’m just putting them down to shut them down. It’s something for me to think about. What about you? 


Speaking of positivity and resolutions, another item on my list is to commit to live streaming several days a week and bringing a fun, safe and positive atmosphere to those that wish to watch and join me. My goal will be to deliver a new game every month to stream and have discussions about the game currently played, other games to be played and give players a chance to see these titles being streamed if they’re on the fence about buying one. We can look forward to that in the beginning of 2021! 


Try new games! I think when it comes to video games, everybody has a favorite genre. For me, it’s a cross between First Person Shooter and Role Playing Games. Sometimes I lucky enough to get both in one title, but I tend to overlook games that I would probably enjoy, but don’t because they aren’t in line with what I prefer. I know I’ll regret a few purchases down the road, but I’ll make sure I grab the disc versions so I can at least trade them back in for a little bit of money toward the next one I might or not not like. Fingers crossed I find some real gems! 


Now, here’s a resolution I began last year and have stuck with, but feel I’m ready to expand it a little. A change of diet. Sure, this resolution can be typical for the average person, but it’s important for gamers too. We have so many food items advertised toward us as Gamer Fuel (literally and figuratively), that we consume during game sessions or between matches, it’s easy to get off track of a healthy diet. Last year, I cut soda out of my diet and started preparing healthier dinners. I need to keep up my regimen by cutting back on my coffee intake and drinking more water. I drink a lot of coffee and that was on top of soda drinks. A healthy diet promotes a healthy mind. There’s no real downside to being healthier, right? 


My last, but not least New Years resolution is to continue to spread positivity among the gaming community! I mentioned live streaming and promoting a positive space for my fellow gamers, but before I reached that decision, I began a New Years Resolution about 7 years ago. To try and spread positivity and in the community and add less toxicity. I have come a long way with that resolution and it’s important for me to renew it every year because with every year that passes, I have gotten a little better. It can be trying at times. You see, I’m not bothered by people talking trash. I find it to be funny and and all too often easy enough to throw in a little wit and shut them down, but I’m not so sure fighting fire with fire is always the right call. I do try and reason with some and I have managed to defuse some situations. In other moments I simply mute the aggressor rather than even attempt to engage. Why? Because I don’t need to put others down to feel better about myself and I certainly don’t need to listen to others doing it either. I like to have fun when I play games online and have good conversations along the way. I can’t do both of those things if I allow myself to get caught up with a bunch of angry gamers that I will not likely play with again, let alone ever meet. I don’t want to forget to mention that are a lot of young minds mixed into the gaming community and instead of everyone complaining that they don’t want to be in lobbies with whiny disrespectful kids, we would be better off setting a better example for them instead treating them like crap, that when they get older they aren’t spreading the same toxic bullsh*t we have been spreading for years. Let us not be sorry, but let us be better. 


That wraps up my list of New Year’s resolutions and I hope it helped spark a few ideas for some for you. If you have any resolutions you would recommend for me and our fellow gamers, please feel free to share them and we can discuss! As always, I will see you online! Have a safe and Happy New Year!!


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