GTA Trilogy Remaster Inbound for PS5, According to New Rumor

GTA Trilogy Remaster

While the collective gaming world holds their breath for news regarding GTA VI, it seems Rockstar is looking to keep people happy with some remasters. A new rumor going around claims that the classic GTA trilogy, GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, are getting the remaster treatment and coming to PS5 as early as this fall!

Join us as we break down the rumor and find out if this could lead to other classic Rockstar games getting a return to the limelight.

GTA Trilogy Remaster Coming to PS5?

This story has been building for the better part of a year, but recent DMCA takedowns on GTA Mods, and news about 2K releasing more remasters in the coming months have sparked the discussion anew.

An article on Kotaku details the story. Their sources, which have been accurate in the past for GTA Online and Red Dead Online updates, claim that the three classic Grand Theft Auto games are getting the remaster treatment.

The rumors say that Rockstar is using the Unreal Engine and including a mix of both new and old graphics. Kotaku’s sources compare the look and feel to some of the high-end mods out there that update the graphics.

The UI is also getting a rework, but is supposed to keep the classic style. All in all, I see this as one of those HD remaster type of situations and less of a full remake, which is totally fine.

The sources go on to claim that Rockstar Dundee in Scotland is taking point after being purchased by Rockstar as a studio last year. Prior to joining Rockstar, the studio was Ruffian games and worked on the Crackdown series, which was a damn fine GTA clone (at least, the first game was).

When Can We Expect Classic GTA Remasters on PS5?

The plans surrounding these remasters have been in flux for a while now, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Originally, they were going to be packaged into the upcoming GTA V remaster for PS5 as a bonus, but have since become standalone titles.

It was originally scheduled to come out earlier this week, but Rockstar delayed it internally. The current plan is to release the remasters around late October or early November 2021. Current sources claim it will be sold in a single trilogy package and most likely live as a digital-only game.

I’m a big fan of this idea, and I think it would be fun to revisit the classics while we wait on GTA VI. It could also lead to other remasters. Bully, anyone? Let us know what you think about these rumors in the comments!

Article by: Bradley Ramsey

Insert date: 8/12/21

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