Happy ThanksGaming 2021

Here we are again! Thanksgiving is upon us and the rest of the holidays are about to follow! But before we break out the Christmas decorations, the menorah or whatever it is someone might be celebrating, if at all (all of the above references are meant respectively), we definitely need to take a moment to celebrate ThanksGaming! That’s right! ThanksGaming is the holiday we derived from Thanksgiving. Because not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving and we reach an audience around the world, it’s a safer bet to just create your own holiday parody and roll with it rather than compete! That being said, let’s move on to things we should be thankful for this year!


To start, I’m gonna straight up say I am grateful for video games! Without video games as a whole, not only would I not be writing this article and get to experience this job that I have, but I’d also have had a lot of really boring moments in my life. Video games have definitely helped me stay out of trouble, pass the time, make friends and of course, do the impossible! 


Now, this one might not settle well with everyone, but It’s gotta be mentioned… PlayStation 5! I am extremely grateful for my PS5! Not just because they aren’t easy to get, but because it is an amazing console that has only begun to scratch the surface of what it can do! The controller, the 3D audio, the lightning fast loading speed! The machine is exceptional and I cannot wait to see what features are added down the road!


Online capabilities! I know there’s a generation out there that just can’t understand where I’m coming from right now, but there was once a time that Multiplayer games didn’t exist. When consoles first started getting connected to the web, it wasn’t necessarily a smooth experience. It was painful at times. Slow speeds, freezing up, getting disconnected from the servers. This might sound familiar, but we truly have it good these days when it comes to online gaming. Be thankful, not grumpy about it. Ya dig? 


I’m definitely adding Xbox Gamepass Ultimate to the list! What would add this to a PlayStation news outlet? Because thanks to Microsoft’s incredible deal on Gamepass and all that it offers, Sony is working on some type of Gamepass themselves. Anyone would be right in saying that Gamepass Ultimate is one of the best if not the best subscription services for gaming. While I don’t know what will add to their Gamepass, it has to be something worthy of competing with Xbox. Time will tell, but it is definitely in the works so, thanks Microsoft! 


Holiday Sales! What – What?! Holiday sales are awesome! So many games and devices get discounted this time of year and especially on Black Friday! While not everything will go on sale, a lot of titles will! Call of Duty Vanguard is even on sale for $39.99 right now! I saw Death Loop for $24.99 at some retailers and a lot more! Grab yourself some savings while they last, but keep in mind, a lot of these sales will be recurring throughout the next month, so if you miss one sale, another will likely appear!


The Gaming Community! Yes, I am thankful for the gaming community and all of the toxic trolls that live online in their parents’ basements! There are a lot of positive gamers out there, but they are outnumbered by the trolls. The trolls are just as important in their own right as they help make the good gamers shine a little brighter! Not to mention there is a lot of hilarity with the trolls out there. Be it listening to them rage during a game or just some of the hilarious garbage that spews from their mouths. I don’t understand their way of thinking as I’m there to have fun, but man they make me laugh and I love it! Thanks A-Holes! You guys are the best at being the worst and boy am I thankful for it all!


What are some games or accessories you’re thankful for this year? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know! And thanks for joining us this year for ThanksGaming! As always, I’ll see you online!


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