Horizon: Forbidden West State of Play Highlights!

Sony is hosting a Horizon: Forbidden West State of Play with all new gameplay on May 27th, and you can watch the full event below. We’ve also included all the major highlights from the event, so let’s dive in!

All the Major Highlights From Sony’s May 27th State of Play

Here are the key takeaways from the event in case you missed it, or you need to quickly understand what news we have on Horizon: Forbidden West.

  • The showcase gets right into it with PS5 gameplay of Horizon: Forbidden West. Graphics are incredibly detailed, and lighting in particular is stunning.
  • We get a glimpse of raiders riding velociraptor machines that sport feathers and a pair of chainsaws in their lower jaws. A striking creature design that fits well into the world.
  • Aloy is forced to flee as the raptors surround her. Traversal looks smoother and the enemies chase her upwards into some ruins before she divews into the water to escape.
  • Underwater environments are equally stunning, and we catch a glimpse of a massive water-based machine creature as well.
  • Swimming mechanics include a push-off dash maneuver that Aloy uses to push past strong currents.
  • A massive elephant machine referred to as a Tremortusk, makes its debut in another cutscene where one of Aloy’s allies from the first game has been captured by raiders.
  • Combat looks as agile as ever. At one point, Aloy attached some sort of temporary boost to her bow, allowing her to shoot through an enemy’s thick armor.
  • Aloy uses a holographic paraglider to glide down from a tall distance similar to Breath of the Wild. She then tames one of the raptors with her staff, allowing her to ride it.
  • Aloy takes on the Tremortusk, shooting out enemies on its back witr her bow. The enemy is formidable, with laser cannons on its tusks. She uses some new projectiles to slow the beast down before knocking out its weak points in due fashion.
  • She continues to use a grappling hook to move quickly through the environment as the Tremortusk gives chase, destroying entire sections of ruins during the fight.
  • Her ally gives Aloy a device that pinpoints a new location in the United States for them to journey to. The pair discuss a coming storm before we cut to the title.
  • A deep dive into the footage confirms the use of a diving mask to navigate underwater, and new mounts, along with new traversal methods.
  • Weapons like special arrows, spears, and fallen weapons from machines are all back with new variations.
  • No word on release date, or any news on a PS5 update for the first game, but compelling gameplay nonetheless.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on Horizon: Forbidden West right here!

Article by – Bradley Ramsey
Insert date – 5/27/2021

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