Immortals Fenyx Rising Review – PS5

Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of those games that come along once every blue moon. A game that just doesn’t have any real flaws to complain about. At least in regard to the PS5 version. I think it’s unfortunate that Fenyx Rising released when it did and Ubisoft didn’t put a lot into the advertising. Sure, we knew it was there, but it’s ultimately the timing that is wrong with this game. While it did release a week ago, it inevitably has to compete with all the hit titles that dropped in November and taking on Cyberpunk 2077, is enough to squander sales. That being said, let’s move onto what the majority is missing out on. 

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open work RPG that looks cartoony in essence. I personally don’t opt for games that have this look, but this game has taught me that I cannot use that as a reason to pass on a game anymore. Fenyx Rising might not have the “real life” look I would normally want in a game, but everything about this game had me hooked from beginning to end. 

Taking elements from games such as The legend of Zelda and Monster Hunter world to name a couple, gives this game a great environment with simple gameplay mechanics that get slightly more complicated over time, but the transition comes easily. Immortals Fenyx Rising has a great story that is told in a way that keeps things interesting. You can stay focused on the main quest, but there is so much to do and see, it’s easy to get distracted and complete a bunch of side quests along the way.

The story is initially told by Greek god Prometheus. He tells his brother Zeus, the story of Fenyx. As the story evolves plenty of conversation breaks out between the gods as they watch you play from above. I found the story to be fun, well told and it had a great ending!! I mean, endings can be difficult and sometimes they’re just ok, but this game has a great ending. I loved it and it came as a surprise to me because I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy that much. You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover. 

Graphically, this game is just fine. There is nothing I can really complain about. The style of art chosen to create the world and characters fits well with the story and how it is told. This is a game that you can take seriously and have a lot of fun at the same time. In the end, the cartoonish style gives the game some of the charm I enjoyed so much and I don’t think having it appear to be more live action, would make it any better. 

The audio is good in this game for sure. Music that plays through is often fitting for the scene. Playing through a Greek open world filled mythological creatures and puzzles, I often felt treated to my very own personal orchestra. I noticed fairly often when music would play it caught my attention and at times I found it relaxing. Sound effects seem just fine. They are immersive enough and I didn’t notice any delays or distortion.

The game lacks a Multiplayer variant, but I don’t think it really needs one. This game stands up against others just fine without needing an extra mode option, but I do think co-op would have been a great option. It would be a lot of fun to complete everything with a friend, but still, it is good enough without it. My first playthrough lasted 38 hours and I did not come close to finishing every side quest and competing every puzzle. 

Puzzle and side quests are somewhat repetitive and a little bit of a grind, but nothing to complain about. Every puzzle has a type of clue or answer and sometimes it’s so simple, you can find yourself making it complicated. Other times they really make you think things through. Every challenge has a reward and it’s fun to complete them. It’s a win – win here. 

Upgrading your skills and weapons has a pretty solid menu to choose from. You can select between sword, axe, bow and godly powers when in combat or upgrading. Different weapons have different perks, but what I liked was if one axe has a perk I feel I need to use, but another axe has a sweet skin that I want, I can customize the axe with the skin of any other axe I already own. Did I over complicate that? I feel like I could word that better, lol. 

I have to say that if I was to recommend an RPG that is out there right now, it would be Immortals Fenyx Rising. I easily rate this game a 10 out of 10. I don’t drop such a prestigious score very often, but I just can’t flaw this game. I highly recommend it. I loved it. My 13 years of son loved it. This is a game meant to be played any true gamer that still enjoys games for everything they are meant to be, fun! 

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