Is there about to be an acquisition war between Sony and Microsoft?

Over recent years we have seen an uptick in developer studio acquisitions, but this year has really begun to heat things up. Or at least it seems as such. 


Microsoft showed the world just how serious the company is about getting ahead of the curve and definitely flexed just how much money the company has to play with. 


With the acquisition of Activision underway, Microsoft has a huge edge right now. Owning both Bethesda and Activision is a major win for the company. Granted, Sony has made some decent acquisitions such as buying Insomniac and now buying out Bungee, but it just didn’t speak as loudly. 


When it was announced that Microsoft was closing a deal to purchase Activision, stocks for Sony took a big hit. Sony answered the call by announcing they were buying Bungee. That’s a small flex, if it’s a flex at all, but still, the timing was definitely about trying to swing back at the Xbox company and try to give investors a little peace of mind. 


While Microsoft has stated that Activision games will continue to show up on PlayStation consoles even after the initial timed agreements, that could very well change once Microsoft seals the deal and owns the company. 


We don’t know for sure that the acquisition will go through as lawmakers in the US look into the matter, but if it does happen, there’s a good chance Microsoft will recant on their promise or even go as far as using their new found franchises as a bargaining chip to get more of what they want out of Sony. 


It wasn’t that long ago that Phil Spencer said he wants Xbox Gamepass to be available on PlayStation consoles. He wasn’t kidding when he made that statement and in my humble opinion, I don’t think Microsoft cares as much about console sales as they do subscription and game sales. 


Infact (and call me crazy), I think it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft closes up shop on being a console manufacturer and solely becomes a game publishing company instead. Not because they have to, but because the company makes money for software sales and not so much hardware. Granted they make their own consoles in order to get more sales, so I could be completely wrong, but it’s just my opinion and doesn’t hold much water. 


As 2022 goes on, I think we’re going to see a few more major acquisitions from both Microsoft and Sony. Both companies obviously have different strategies when it comes to this, but Sony is definitely looking into its pockets to see if there’s a way to increase their acquisition budget and grab a few more studios. 


I don’t think Sony has anything to worry about. The company may not have the deep pockets that Microsoft has, but that hasn’t kept the company from continuing to dominate the industry. I know the Gamepass is incredibly hard to compete with and Sony is working on a new subscription service to try and compete, but it’s hard to imagine Sony will be able to offer anything that is as robust as Gamepass. 


The odds of brand new triple A exclusives on a PlayStation gamepass seem to be slim at best. A lot of speculation points to a PS Plus and PS Now combination that could possibly include movies, but PS Now has never been able to compete with Xbox GamePass Ultimate and those are just the facts. 


Whatever cards Sony has up its sleeves, they’re definitely planning some big moves this year. What do you think Sony’s subscription service will entail? Do you think it’s possible that Xbox could be planning to exit the console market at some point? Share your opinions and we talk it over.


As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you online!

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