July 8th State of Play Highlights: Deathloop Deep Dive, Indies, and Third-Party Updates!

While E3 has come and gone, Sony is apparently stepping into the spotlight with a new State of Play. While it doesn’t seem like a bombastic E3 showcase, they did promise a look at Deathloop, along with updates on indie games and third-party titles, so that leaves a lot of room!

The July 8th State of Play begins at 2PM Pacific, 5PM Eastern, and you can watch the whole stream right here! We’ll also provide our live highlights during the event, for anyone who simply wants to see the big announcements. We’ve got you covered, so bookmark this page and stay tuned!

July 8th State of Play Full Stream & Highlights

  • We’re opening with footage of the next game in the Moss series on PSVR! First game was excellent and a sequel was teased, so this is great news. New weapons and mechanics shown, but seems to have the same isometric view, which worked great in the first game for VR. Title is Moss Book II.
  • A new multiplayer shooter has you fighting to save an arcade, completing echallenges to earn cred, and fighting hordes of enemies in what looks like a neon-soaked Fortnite type of game. Customizable characters, loot drops, and a variety of weapons in Arcadegeddon, which begins early access today on PS5.
  • Next up is Tribes of Midgard, which comes out later this month and is here to show off seasonal updates after the game’s launch. The game also features eight classes to unlock with their own abilities and skill trees. Runes also drop per season, which add both active and passive abilities like lightning on your attacks. Season quests will also take you across Asgard to fight new bosses. Looks pretty good, and online co-op up to 10 players!
  • The next game stars anamorphic animal characters in a gritty sc-fi world that seems to be a side-scrolling brawler. It’s called F.I.S.T and it comes out September 7th.
  • Next is Hunter’s Arena, a game about fighting online players and demons as a hunter in a fantasy world. While the customization is a little silly (disco ball weapons, rubber ducks), the rest of the game looks pretty good. The game is a battle royale on massive maps with enemies and dungeons, with options to go alone or in a team of three. It launches next month on PS4 and PS5. and will be fre for PS+ members.
  • We have new footage of Sifu in action, and the kung-fu brawler is looking as awesome as ever. Interestingly, the character seems to age every time you fail. It’s coming in early 2022 now.
  • We are seeing more of Jet: The Far Shore, an interstellar sci-fi game about exploring and colonizing an unknown planet. The gameplay has a pulled back camera that really conveys perspective and space as you fly your ship. The game also features first-peron segments on the ground for additional story. Combat won’t be a focus, but you will have defense mechanics and scanners to learn more about the planet.We even get to experience the main character’s dreams which is interesting. It’s coming out this year.
  • Sega is showing off their new Demon Slayer game based on the popular anime, and the combat looks pretty slick! It comes out October 15th.
  • Sega also brought a trailer for the new game in the Judgement series, which is itself a spin-off of Yakuza. The gameplay shows off combat, side activities like dancing and skateboarding, and some teases at the new mystery for the detective. Lost Judgement is about September 24th.
  • We’re getting a deeper look at Death Stranding: Director’s Cut! It’s remastered for PS5 of course, but also includes new battles, advanced combat mechanics, new weapons, a firing range, and new ways to deliver your cargo. There’s even a race course sponsored by Fragile herself. An yes, the game includes new story missions as well. It’s coming September 24th.
  • Deathloop gets an extended look, look at the eight targets you’ll need to eliminate to break the loop, but your rival is also chasing you. Every time you fail, the loop restarts. Each time, you’ll get more story and insight into your targets, which should prevent fatigue from the repetition.
  • A power called Reprise also lets you rewind the loop when you die up to two times without resetting the day entirely, so there is some wiggle room there. A currency also allows you to pay to keep certain weapons and items across loops. Deathloop is out September 14th!

What did you think of this month’s State of Play? Let us know in the comments!

Article by: Bradley Ramsey

Insert date: 7/8/21

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