Monstrum II Preview – The Monster in Me

Industry execs ps5

As the PS5 marches closer, we’re starting to see confirmation on upcoming games for the next generation! One such title, announced in May 2019, is Monstrum II. With a release date in fall of 2020, the developer has confirmed it is also in development for next generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles (to follow after the initial release).

Monstrum II is a multiplayer horror game where players must navigate a procedurally generated map set on an abandoned 1970’s era sea fortress. A monster hunts you the entire time, and here’s the twist: The monster is controlled by another player!

The Hunter and The Hunted

Beyond the premise and confirmation that Monstrum II will eventually come to next generation consoles, we have a teaser trailer that sets the tone and style of the game.

We do know that the game uses procedural generation, so the map will be different each time you play. The press release also mentions “monsters” so it seems there will be multiple foes to contend with.

The original Monstrum from Junkfish Games was a hit when it was released in 2015, so this multiplayer sequel seems to be taking everything that made the first one popular and expanding it even further.

The developers promise multiple solutions to the obstacles you’ll face in the game. These include using items to find hidden routes, breaking destructible objects, or even climbing around to get a better vantage point. Survivor players will also need to work together to find “important equipment” which may point to objective-based matches.

Industry execs ps5

The title reminds me of Evolve, which also pitted players against a monster, but this horror approach and procedural generation make it sound like a more focused experience. It comes to PC in fall of 2020, and we will see it on the PS5 some time after that. I for one will be keeping an eye out on this one! Any horror fans out there? Let us know what you think in the comments below!?

Article by – Bradley Ramsey
Insert date – 6/5/19

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