Sony Sets Their Sights on New Studios and Hardcore Gamers For The PS5


While Google has made Stadia known to the world, the Nintendo Switch continues to sell well, and Microsoft revealed Project Scarlett at E3 2019, Sony has remained relatively silent on PS5 details. Hardcore gamers are hungry for info! We did have the reveal early in 2019 via Wired and Mark Cerny, but things have been quiet since then.

It seems that Sony has been moving in the silence, however. New information shows that they are shifting their focus with PS5, looking to target hardcore gamers with big budget titles. To do that, they’re going to need new studios. Let’s dive in and see what this means for games on the PS5!

Sony Eyeballing Studios For Big Budget PS5 Titles

In a recent interview with Nikkei (which was translated by Gematsu), Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan mentioned that Sony is looking at merging and acquiring game developers.

He didn’t mention anyone specifically, but he did have this to say:

“Companies new to the games industry looking at the market with hope is something we definitely welcome. Sony Interactive Entertainment has 25 years of experience in the games industry and has big assets.”

So clearly, Sony is not afraid to throw money around if it means getting quality developers under their belt. I can respect that, but it seems that they aren’t really looking for small time titles. No, Sony is apparently only interested in the big budget masterpieces that have earned them praise in the past.

Further information from The Wall Street Journal reveals Sony’s intention to focus on hardcore gamers. Sony officials are reporting that the PS5 is going to focus on “high-quality games” instead of titles you can find on smartphones.

This seems like a push to have higher quality titles, and less about edging out indie developers like some people are saying. Focusing on exclusives is smart, but with how many games come out each year, Sony can’t hope to have a full library of options unless they welcome a wider range of releases.

I’d like to see the PS5 offer more exclusives for sure, especially if they have the same kind of quality we’ve seen this generation. However, I don’t want to see smaller budget titles go to the wayside. These games by small teams are often the most innovative, bringing new ideas to the table and stretches the boundaries of what gaming can become.

Hopefully Sony doesn’t lose sight of these crucial contributors, and instead strikes a balance between AAA exclusives, and innovative indie creations. In the meantime, let’s talk about who Sony should be reaching out to before Microsoft makes any more big moves.

7 Studios Sony Should Purchase to Make PS5 Exclusives

This is most likely a strategy inspired by Microsoft’s recent rash of game studio acquisitions. They’ve recently purchased Ninja Theory, Double Fine, Obsidian, and Compulsion Games to name a few. Sony should absolutely grab other top-tier developers while they can. This is the best way to expand their exclusive library in the next generation and appeal to hardcore gamers.

Here are our picks for studios that Sony has either worked with in the past on exclusives, or are just big studios in general that would do well on the PS5:

  • Rockstar – Unlikely, but the idea was thrown around in now disproven rumors. If it did happen, GTA VI would be a PS5 exclusive
  • Insomniac Games – The recent PS4 Spider-Man game proves that this studios has huge potential and always has since the days of Ratchet & Clank. They’ve made games for other platforms (like Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One), so it’s time for Sony to lock them down.
  • Quantic Dream – Known most recently for Detroit: Become Human, this studio’s games recently came to PC, and with their history of great stories and cinematic experiences, Sony does not want to lose them to Microsoft in the next generation.
  • Kojima Productions – While Death Stranding is indeed a PS4 exclusive, Sony does not own Kojima Productions. We need to change that, mostly because Sony could possibly work out something with Konami. We could finally bring that Silent Hills project back to life.
  • Ready at Dawn – I know people had mixed feelings about The Order: 1886. You can’t deny it was a gorgeous game with some good ideas, though. We need to give this studio another chance. Right now they’re doing VR titles on PC, so let’s bring them into the PlayStation Family.
  • Supermassive Games – This studio really broke out of the mold with Until Dawn. They’ve also shown VR prowess with Rush of Blood and The Inpatient. Their upcoming title The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan looks great too. Sony, let’s get this studio sooner than later, I’d love to see what they do on the PS5.
  • 4A Games – This studio has proven their ability to create rich, deep, and convincing worlds. This is thanks to their work on the Metro games. The most recent, Metro Exodus, makes them a great candidate for a PS5 franchise. Their talent would fit perfectly into a new exclusive.

Which studios should Sony buy for PS5 exclusives? Do you agree with their focus on hardcore gamers? Let us know in the comments!

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