E3 canceled, EA pushing more support for Battlefield and PS Plus updates!

Hello and thank you for taking a moment to catch up with another PS Weekly Drop. February is behind us and today being the first Tuesday in March, new PS Plus games drop today in the PSN store. 


Today’s Plus games cater to not only PS4 and PS5, but PSVR is getting Farpoint included for free this month. PSVR gets its own category outside of the consoles to keep things simple. Farpoint aside, PS4 games also include the amazing Final Fantasy VII remake as well as Remnant: From the ashes. PS5 owners will be treated with Maquette and of course, those PS4 games will also be playable on the PS5 console as well. 


As a reminder, if you do not have a PS5, but plan to get one at some point, you can always get the PS5 games that are available on PS Plus, but going to the PlayStation store using the mobile app or on a pc and add those titles to your collection and download them at a later date. If you didn’t get a chance to grab Destruction Allstars on PS5 last month, there is a little good news. The game will cost $19.99 USD instead of the original price tag of $69.99. Phew! 


In other gaming news, E3 has canceled the physical in person show this year. While the show was canceled last year and yet again this year, ESA is still looking into having a physical show next year and working with a production company this year to hold a live online event to take its place. Personally, I think they need to consider keeping E3 solely online for the next few events. Attendance at E3 has been dwindling and the event isn’t as successful as it once was. Maybe taking a break and making a comeback in 2023 would be a wiser choice, but what do I know? I just write about these things.


If you’re bummed out about the physical cancellation of E3 and were hoping to make up for it by going to the San Diego Comic Con this year, I have yet another blow to deal you. This event too, has been canceled in regards to physical attendance. While the show will be streamed, fans won’t be able to partake in person. This is probably even harder news to hear than E3, as Comic Cons tend to offer much more in person for attendees. If you end up sitting at home watching, maybe create a watch party with some friends and fulfill your cosplay needs that way? I know it’s not the same, but I’m trying here. 


For those of us that have been desperately waiting on official news for the Elden Ring, well, I have no official news. Sorry. But I will say this much, a video trailer showed up online the other day and while it was a little blurry, it does appear to be an official trailer that hasn’t been rendered to quality just yet. Fans have been eager to hear something, anything regarding the state of the Elden Ring, but if rumors are to be true, we will have official word in the weeks to come. Walden Ring is on my radar and I will certainly drop and official news as it arrives. Not holding my breath, but I want to. 


And last but not least, we have info on the next Battlefield game that is expected to release in the fall of this year. EA has announced that the next Need for Speed title has been delayed, so the team behind it can help support DICE with the next BF title. EA has been at the helm letting us know that the next BF game will be a game fans want. I’ve heard that the next Battlefield with take elements of traditional BF and BF Hardline and create the largest BF games to date. EA has also stated that the game will have a free Battle Royals mode that gamers will actually want to play. I hope all of this true because Firestorm is one of the dullest BR variants I have seen. 


It’s a short list, but that’s all I have for you today. You can expect some game reviews from us later this month and I will be live-streaming on our Facebook page PS4EXPERTS this week and next, so be sure to tune in and show me some support! I love to engage in good conversation and more often than not, making a few new friends to game with online! Maybe you’ll join in a match as well? 


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