PlayStation Weekly – Issue #2

Hello and welcome back to PlayStation Weekly! This is where you can catch up on the latest news for all things PlayStation and other notable video game news. In issue 2 of PlayStation Weekly, catch up on PlayStation Trophies updates, More info about the PS5 and more! Let’s get started! 

Concerned about the process of transferring your PS4 games to the PS5? Worry not! As it turns out, Sony has confirmed that PS5 owners will be able to transfer their data from PS4 to their new PS5 over WiFi. As this is currently a feature available to us now when transferring from one PS4 to another over WiFi, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as much as it should come as a relief. Transferring your games and save files from PS4 to PS5 will be much quicker and easier than going through each game and save file individually. 


Speaking of PS5, the internet was treated to a full PS5 tear down that revealed quite a bit about the upcoming console. To start, we found out the panels on the PS5 are easily removed. This is exciting news because instead using sticker skins to deck out or consoles, we will be able to choose from tons of different custom designs that are sure to flood the market. While Sony hasn’t mentioned any first party plans to create and sell custom designed shell casings, the third party market is already making plans to do so and in all seriousness, we can probably count on Sony to do the same thing. You can watch the full video tear down here:

In regards to the size of the console (does size really matter? Zing!), the size and shape is meant to help the cooling of the PS5 work more efficiently. With all the bells and whistles under the hood, it matters because many of us that love our PS4’s, are also bothered by the sound of what most of us describe as a jet taking off. Time will tell, but it does seem that Sony has managed to put together a solution for this problem. 


The PS5 has dust catchers to help keep your console clean and make maintenance easier! It’s pretty simple to clean up. Pop off your covers and vacuum the dust catchers. I personally think this is a great idea as I already regularly maintain my console to keep it clean and clear. My advice is to clean it regularly before the dust builds up. 


And this shouldn’t surprise anyone at all, but there is an expandable storage option that will of course, allow you to expand the storage in your PS5. I know there was some speculation on the web that we would be stuck with only 825 gigs of memory, but it was a hard pill to swallow in this day and age. Having a next gen console release with no option of expandable storage would surely be ridiculous in my mind. 


PS Trophies have gotten a recent update that may or may not have been a long time coming, depending on who you ask. If you happened to notice your trophy level has made a huge jump, that’s no glitch, that’s the updated levels. While it isn’t a new feature that bothers me, I’ve seen a lot of comments from high level trophy hunters that feel the level changes make their hard earned platinum’s look and feel a little less meaningful. Trophy hunters take these things pretty seriously at times…

PS5, PS5, PS5! 

As we get closer to the release of the PS5, we are just going to keep getting more PS5 news! Sony hosted a backwards compatibility FAQ to fill everyone in on how it works. I’ll try and wrap this up with the things announced during the FAQ, of course it goes a little beyond backwards compatible games.


So, 99% of PS4 games will work on PS5. Some of these games will offer upgrades to the PS5 version and a lot will not. On the other hand, a lot of games being played as backward compatible will take advantage of some of the PS5’s features and actually offer a better experience than the PS4 could. Nothing too complicated here.


Games that are upgradable from PS4 to PS5 will have an actual upgraded version. Most of these upgrades are going to be free, so let’s say for example, you have Borderlands 3. You pop the PS4 disc into your PS5 and use it as a key. The games hub will show you the upgrade offer and show if its free or cost money to upgrade. Click the PS5 upgrade and you will download the digital version for PS5. Again, the disc is your key. If you own the game in digital format, you won’t need a disc key as it’s already a digital game in your library. 

We found out that the PS5 camera is not compatible with PSVR. While PSVR will work with the PS5, you’ll need an adapter that Sony will provide for free at some point. We are expecting a PSVR 2 setup to be announced in the somewhat near future, so it’s likely they didn’t want to include the extra port for the PS4 camera to prevent a higher console price tag. Time will tell. 


You’ll be able to use remote play the PS4 over your PS5 when connected to the same network. You won’t be able to remote play the PS5 from your PS4… and why would you? There is still some red tape over the future of remote play for the PS5. The PS5

Won’t support the remote play app that is currently available for PS4, but I’m sure one will be released down the line. 


And to finish this off, the PS5 will allow us to adjust controller vibration instead of just simply turning it completely off. The “create” button is actually the share button renamed, so no mysteries to be uncovered there after all… or is there? Your game saves in the cloud will be transferable to the PS5 when playing PS4 games on the PS5. And last, but certainly not least, external USB storage will be plug and play. As it turns out, if you have PS4 games on an external storage device, you’ll be able to just plug it into the PS5 and all should work as if it were still plugged into your PS4.


Well, there we have it! A whole lot of tidbits in one sitting. I feel like we have only begun to scratch the surface for what may come, so be sure to come back next week and catch up on everything that happens between now and then! Thanks for reading and I will see you online! 


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