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Concept logo created by: David Hansson

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playstation 5

ps5 xl logo amzing 100000 out 100000


i want it and the logo looks awsome

Oh god Ps5

Omg i want this NOW


I have a PS4 but I want a PS5 right at this moment!!!!


Is it gonna be released in Europe to? :)


i want the ps5 to be release at 2018-219

EX Xbox prgrammer

I moved from Microsoft Gaming to PlayStation Gaming because Xbox is all about getting money out of you; If you want a special gun you need to spend your own money not you gaming skills to get it. Micro$oft turned me off right there. Like Forza 5 you better have your wallet ready to even come close to winning.

bring back free online gaming

if sony brang back free online gaming for the ps5 it will be a great impact on the console it will be a back up if it runs into problems on network and bug problems people wont mind the problems as long is online gaming is free agian and make it exclusive only for the ps5 sales will be good no matter the issues or the price


I want it to be out now right now


i want it now it look like a boss

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