PS5 scalpers are showing remorse and want to make it up to Playstation fans?

The PS5 shortage is one thing, but scalpers are a different issue. Those loathsome commanders of bots beating everyday consumers to the digital shopping cart is just awful. Then selling the PS5’s for double, Triple, quadruple the profit if one sells? These guys are the worst!


While it’s a fact that less than 10% off all PS5 consoles were purchased by a scalper, that’s around 10% of PlayStation fans that got the shaft. Plenty of people ignore the fact that there is also world wide shortage for console components that are actually dragging down the number of available consoles, but scalpers have happened to come across articles explaining the shortage and they are having a change of heart! 


Scalpers are taking to the internet to denounce their wicked scalping ways and apologizing globally! That’s right! They see the error in their ways and realize that profiting off of limited consoles during a world wide pandemic is just a crappy thing to do!


Moreover, many of these scalpers are now giving away the PS5 consoles they secured, rather than turning them for a profit. On top of that, they are even paying for the shipping! These guys have gone from scalping to going more than $500 (usd) into the hole! Wow! What a change of heart! 


With so many scalpers listing their PS5 console sales as free, they are sure to disappear quickly, so what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Because… It’s an April Fools article! Damn it! 

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