PS5 Online orders are live at Best Buy!

Welcome back to another issue of  PS Weekly! To kick this off, Best Buy is currently stocking online supplies for the PS5, right now! The website has been struggling with crashes since the item went live three hours ago, but the stores haven’t actually sold out yet. It looks like many people have given up on trying, but with some patience and determination, you still score one online. I have a friend that just finished his online purchase after nearly 4 hours of trying. I have two other friends that currently have the ps5’s in their carts at the time of this writing (!:00 pm est) and they are dealing with the whole error at checkout, but they will hopefully be able to finalize the purchase. Good luck if you are trying to grab one. 


Speaking of PS5 orders, it looks as though eBay has already reached over 33,000 PS5’s sold by scalpers during the month of just November! That being said, these consoles are being sold at different price ranges, but according to Michael Driscoll (a Data Engineer, mind you) the math tallies up and over 19 million dollars in profit between them. That’s profit, it isn’t including the initial price of buying the PS5 before selling it. What a world we live in. Furthermore, those sales were recorded in the US, who knows how many have actually been scalped across the globe? Hopefully this will be under control sooner than later and people that want one won’t have to be hassled anymore. 


In Game news, Cyberpunk 2077 is taking some critical heat right now. As you have likely heard, the game released last week on PC and console, followed by the truth. Before the game was released, CD Projekt Red didn’t let anyone see how the game was running on last gen consoles. We saw it run on PS5 and PC, but it was simply noted that the game ran surprisingly well on last gen. While I believe the game seems to run worse on the original PS4 and Xbox One consoles, the game is plagued with bugs, crashes and poor graphics on last gen. While the game doesn’t have an actual PS5 version, the power the PS5 has is actually giving you what the PS4 experience should have been like. CD Projekt Red has issued an apology and is offering refunds for the game, although Sony has been reportedly denying those refunds, but that is likely because of players going hitting a high number of hours played and Sony tried to keep that limited to 2 hours of play if its a digital copy. We will see how all of this plays out overtime, but things are definitely going to be shaken up sooner than later. 


And to finish things up, the game awards happened a few days ago and to no one’s surprise, The Last Of Us Part II won game of the year. Some feel it is undeserving to give the award to that game, but most of us don’t really care who won, we just want to see the announcements! The show wasn’t super great, but that is likely due to the global pandemic, but we did get to hear about a few upcoming games that weren’t expected. The Evil Dead: The Game got announced and for any fan of the long running movie franchise should be excited! We just might get a proper game out of this! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to throw a chain saw over the old right hand and wield the faithful “Boom Stick” in the other! 


Back 4 Blood was revealed at the Game Awards and not only is it a successor to the Xbox exclusive Left 4 Dead, but it’s also coming to the PS5! I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed Left 4 Dead back in the day and I’m looking forward to the release of Back 4 Blood. There is a closed alpha about to start on December 17th, but it’s restricted to PC users on Steam, so I won’t be participating. Too bad too, I would have really liked to test that one out. 


We got a sneak peek at Dragon Age 4, but it was really just a peek to remind us the game exists. I honestly forgot it was being developed and I will likely forget again until we have some real concrete info on it, but hey, Ark 2 was announced and it features none other than Vin Diesel. He’s looking pretty primitive in the announcement trailer, and honesty, it kind of suits. Anyway, rejoice Ark fans, your sequel is on the way!


There was more, but if you really want to catch up on the announcements, you can watch The Game Awards on YouTube with ease. It is the end of a really tough year around the world right now, so news has been somewhat slow I guess, but that can’t be a bad thing. No news is good news and most of the news we share here is pretty good news! Have a great week and thank you for taking a few minutes to read up on our work! As always, I’ll see you online!

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