PS5 Shooter Games

These are the games for the arcade lovers, the open-world enthusiasts, and people who love destruction and mayhem. Twin-sticks, third-person, just give me a gun and let’s do this thing!

Confirmed PS5 Shooter Games

  • Control: Ultimate Edition
  • Fortnite
  • Returnal

Our Top Picks For Shooter Games on The PS5

1. Grand Theft Auto VI

The king of all shooters, Grand Theft Auto, is still riding high on its fifth entry, but that hasn’t stopped people talking about the sixth game in the series. Rockstar will absolutely release a new Grand Theft Auto game, but it would make sense for them to do it on the PS5.

GTA V isn’t going anywhere, and the online community is healthier than ever. Meanwhile, there’s another game they’re working on we should talk about…

2. Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar’s other baby, Red Dead Redemption, is getting a sequel on the PS4 and it will probably break all kinds of new records. There’s a major shortage of westerns in gaming, and Rockstar is looking to meet that need and exceed all expectations.

When Red Dead Redemption 2 releases and sells like it’s made of gold (and it will), Rockstar will most likely start on plans for a third game on the PS5.

3. Twin-Stick Shooters

Arcade shooters are still coming down the pipeline for the PS4. It’s a genre that people love, and bullet hell enthusiasts have a lot to choose from on current consoles. This classic genre could use some fresh ideas, but don’t be surprised when we see these kinds of games on the PS5, running in 4K and possibly even in VR as well.

4. Metroidvanias

Another popular genre, is the Metroidvania game. These games are typically side-scrolling in nature, but utilize a large open map that typically involves backtracking and using new abilities to unlock additional areas.

It’s a tried-and-true formula that many indie developers have used, and will continue to use. Again, it’s something that could always benefit from a new approach or a fresh twist, but it’s also one of those evergreen genres that we’ll most likely see on the PS5.

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