State of Play October 27th Highlights: Updates and New Announcements!


It’s that time again! We’re here to cover The State of Play October 27th livestream with all the major updates, announcements, and our initial reactions! I don’t think we’ll see anything huge today, but we’re promised a good 20 minutes of content, so maybe a few surprises and some indie love?

Check out the full stream below and if you missed the event, you’ll find our highlights here as well! Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

State of Play October 27th Livestream & Highlights

  • We’re opening with a quirky looking survival game show title, featuring dilapidated environments and strange costumes. Looks to be a multiplayer title, perhaps another battle royale. Combat seems to be abilities-focused, with lots of melee, though there do seem to be ranged weapons. It’s called Deathverse: Let it Die and it’s coming spring 2022
  • This next title opens with someone recording in a booth and making fun of dramatic game trailers. They’re doing a meta thing about introducing their game on State of Play, which is pretty damn creative. The whole thing is very meta, but it has my attention for sure. We Are OFK is a five episode series about how an indie band started out in their journey. Each episode also features an interactive music video. It’s coming 2022.
  • Bugsnax is getting a major update! The new content seems to feature giant Bugsnax and an expedition to learn more about their origins. You also get your own house now with decoration options. It’s called The Island of Bigsnax, and it will be a free update in early 2022
  • Next up is a new look at FNAF: Security Breach. The first-person horror game is looking good, but I wonder how the controversy surrounding FNAF’s creator will affect the excitement here. Gameplay looks solid, but standard horror fare. It does seem to have a few unique mechanics wearing the suits to sneak around, and you’ll get to use the cameras as well. It comes out December 16th!
  • The popular game Death’s Door is coming to PS5! I played a bit of this on Xbox and enjoyed it. The gameplay is very much classic Zelda, and the setting is quite unique, so those who missed out should give it a go! It’s coming in November.
  • We’re getting a montage of multiplayer titles next, starting with a kart racer that has decent Mario Kart vibes and plenty of customization options. Weapons seem to cover the basics, including a giant banana peel. It could scratch that itch, it’s a free to play title too, Kart Racer Drift comes in 2022.
  • Next is a fighting game with a modern look, and it’s KOF XV, which is an exciting announcement for fans of the King of Fighters series. An open beta in November and the game releases early next year!
  • First Class Trouble is a new social multiplayer game, allowing you to customize a character. You’ll be given a role when the round begins, either resident or personoid. The latter role has to disguise themselves and move around without being noticed. It comes out November 2nd! PS+ memebers also get it for free!
  • Next up is a new RPG from Square Enix and I can immediately tell it’s Star Ocean! The environments look pretty open and the combat looks sleek. Looks like we’ll have multiple playable characters as well. Star Ocean: The Divine Force comes in 2022.
  • Next is an update on Little Devil Inside. There’s a lot of color in this new trailer compared to prior ones, but the style is still unique. We can see Billy traveling on a train and going through his inventory, heading to a job. The game has a great style as it zooms in and out of the world map. You’ll travel by car and train it seems. Various events happen as you travel. Billy gets bamboozled, and we see Billy fighting monsters with a sword. Survival mechanics will play a role as you navigate different environments. It’s looking good!

Overall, a fairly week State of Play, but I had some fun with a few announcements. Honestly though I would prefer these to happen less frequently if it meant more meaningful announcements. What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Article by – Bradley Ramsey
Insert date – 10/27/2021

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