Deathloop Preview – Deadly Déjà Vu

Time loops are perhaps my favorite type of story structure in movies, but they’ve only recently been implemented into games. The Outer Wilds is an amazing example, but Deathloop from Arkane Lyon seems to take the concept to another level. How does the new PS5 title from the developers of Dishonored and Prey look? Let’s find out! Two Assassins, One Loop Deathloop is a new first-person action adventure that takes place in the “Black Reef,” which is caught in a never-ending cycle. As part of this loop, two assassins keep killing each other over and over again over the course of each loop. While the game originally had a launch window planned for PS5 in 2020, it has since been pushed back as per an announcement on the game’s Twitter page: To the community, an update on DEATHLOOP: — DEATHLOOP (@deathloop) August 18, 2020 Given the ambitious nature of the title and the ongoing global pandemic, it wasn’t difficult to see this coming. The game seems to offer a large open area with plnety of guns and possibly even powers as well. The abilities look like the kinds of things you saw in Dishonored or Prey and allow you to enhance your traversal or your attacks in various ways. Beyond the two assassins, it also appears that other enemies will play into the experience and further complicate matters. As with other Arkane games, the developers promise a lot of freedom in how you approach things, and also guarantee their signature level design, which is often extremely detailed and unique. Gameplay looks very similar to Dishonored with some flavors of Bioshock thrown in there. The weapons seem to have multiple firing modes as well, and the promise of playing as either assassin gives you some variety in both the story perspective and in the abilities available to you. I think the Dishonored formula could certainly benefit from a time loop structure, and the addition of other targets based on the latest PS5 gameplay trailer means you won’t always be fighting a single other assassin. The new release window for Deathloop is Q2 2021, so while we wait for more information, let us know how you like the look of Arkane’s next title in the comments! Article by – Bradley Ramsey Insert date – 8/24/2020