Opinion: Activision has the worst customer support in the game industry and here’s why

Activision is one of the richest third party video game developers/publishers in the industry and that says a lot. Cha-Changing in with a net worth of around 30 billion US dollars and the money this company makes off gamers would make you think they would be a more customer friendly with services offered, but not only does activision have extremely poor customer service, they seem to have gone above and beyond what I consider bad service, they’ve removed all but email support and ambassador chat support and I’m not even sure the ambassador chat works anymore, let alone well.    Last week Activision’s support handles on Facebook and Twitter announced that they would no longer offer support to customers. Instead those social media pages will pretty much just have announcements like “servers are down, but the team is working on it’ and “servers are back up, go team!” The posts go on to explain that customer support can be reached at the activision website. How useful…   Furthermore, live chat support from the website has been removed. There was once a link you could click and get support. Be it live chat or a support phone number to call, but alas, it is gone. Even calling the company is useless. After going through the prompts of getting to the department you need to reach, you will be met with a recording that will instruct you to head to the website and get help there. Not to mention they have made it fairly difficult to even find the phone number. There is no more “contact us” button to click from what I could find. I had to google the number separately and it seems like a company would have a number plainly listed on a website.    So, after searching for every possible way to reach support, the only options I could find available were to either use the community forums (which is alright, but not when you need an actual employee of the company to help out), or send an email. A friggin email. I can’t imagine how many emails they must be getting and how much of it is getting lost in translation.    Not that Activision has been known for having great customer service, but this is about as bad as it gets. It can typically take up to 10 days for them to respond to your email and I have read reports from customers that have had to wait much longer than that and some have reached the point of just giving up on even trying to get some help from the company. It’s not just disheartening, it’s plain wrong.    When you have a franchise that sells more than any other game every friggin year, but you have terrible customer service, that right there is something we as consumers should be complaining about. Games will have issues and that something we accept, but lack of customer support, I just can’t get over it. While we will … Read More