PS5 Console, Controller, & Virtual Actuality Designs

These fascinating PS5 console, controller, and virtual actuality designs & sketches were created by skilled artist Danny Haymond Jr. Danny developed these over several months putting a lot of time and effort into this. See all his best PS5 designs below. Next Generation Playstation 5 Concepts: Download High Resolution Wallpaper If you want the future plastered all over your desktop (and who doesn’t?) this wallpaper will do the trick. We’ve got everything from controller to console concepts. As you can see, our current concepts from Danny Haymond Jr.showcase a more sleek and slim version of the console for the future generation. Various rumors are stating Grand Theft Auto 6 will be on the PS5. Imagine what that would look like on this epic console. It would look fairly insane, that we can be sure of. Download PS5 GTA 6 Wallpaper Watch the video Console and Controller PS5 Concept: Download High Resolution Wallpaper We’ve discussed the concept of virtual reality a lot on this website, but the next step beyond VR is bringing it into the real world. For some, that may be augmented reality, but we like to dream bigger here. Both the console and the controller in this concept have the capacity to project holographic images, which could be manipulated via motion gestures. How’s that for motion gaming? Playstation 5 Concept Designs – Console & Controller Download High Resolution Wallpaper Playstation 5 Concept Designs – Console Download High Resolution Wallpaper Let’s take a closer look at the console itself. The key feature we’re looking at here is the aforementioned holographic capability. This allows the system to notify you of friend requests, invites, and anything else via holographic images that project from the system and controller. We’re also predicting cloud technology as a major component, which will result in faster processing and less hardware required for the console itself. Let’s take a closer look at the predicted specs for the PS5: Console Specs Hi-Fiber Networking for non local processing power RT-Superconductors and haptic holographic technology Holographic Emitter System Notification Cloud Processing e-SATA, HDMI-B (29 pin), Optical Audio ports Download High Resolution Wallpaper I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to stop my game when a message come in. This design would allow the PS5’s holographic display to show the messages in full while you keep up your gaming. Playstation 5 Concept Designs Console – Back Download High Resolution Wallpaper These days when you look at the back of a console or a PC if you’re brave, there are a lot of slots and plugs. With the PS5’s cloud-based technology, only the basic needs will be present here. You’ve got power, HDMI for video, and a few extra plugs for auxillary or accessories like a visor or headset. Playstation 5 Concept Designs Console – Front Download High Resolution Wallpaper Playstation 5 Concept Designs Console – Vertical Download High Resolution Wallpaper Playstation 5 Concept Designs Console – Top Download High Resolution Wallpaper Traditional Holographic Gaming Experience Games will play similarly to … Read More