Destruction AllStars Review

Destruction Allstars… the game that almost released alongside the PS5 with a price tag of $70 USD. Well, luckily it was delayed into February, as a PS Plus title because the outcry from gamers alike would have been heard around the world. Every time I play Destruction Allstars, I think about that initial price and the bullet Sony dodged.    Destruction Allstars isn’t a bad game, but it’s not a great game either. It’s mediocre at best and that thanks to the lack of content. I don’t know how long this game was in development for, but it could have used another year in the oven.    The gameplay is smooth and the game is fine in regard to graphics. Audio matches up well for this style of game and the announcers add most of the charm as you play through. I feel there is no connection with the characters outside of a little excitement in their voices when you have accomplished something notable like destroying another player’s car. Add in responsive controls and you have the ingredients for what could be a great game, but again, it needed a little more time in the oven.    For all of the good mixed in this bag, there is a lot of lackluster. The maps are rather small and it often feels like I am a hamster in a wheel. Not only are the maps small, but there is a lack of numbers. A handful of maps that don’t really look that much different from each other and congestion? Well, the adrenaline from all that destructive combat will surely make up for that, right? Wrong!    A lot of people have hoped to see a new Twisted Metal game for a while now and some thought this might live up to the beloved franchise, but Destruction Allstars doesn’t come close. Not even a little bit. Aside from Twisted Metal hosting better maps, the game hosted better weaponry. Twisted Metal features guns, missiles, special weapons and abilities that cater to the character of your choosing. Destruction Allstars doesn’t have guns. It does have special lackluster abilities for characters and their respective vehicles, but the game might as well have been called Bumper Car Allstars, because that’s about what it is, glorified bumper cars.    With 4 main modes to choose from, there is very little difference between them. One mode is all about just bumping into each other and destroying cars for points. Another is about bumping into each other, collecting gears as points and depositing them into a bank to score. Another where the floor opens up and your space gets smaller, all while trying to bump your opponents into a KO with limited respawns. Sounds different, feels the same.    All in all I give Destruction Allstars a 5 out of 10. It does not matter that game has been placed on the PS Plus list as a free title that will eventually be removed and sold in stores, because … Read More

PlayStation Weekly Issue #4

Welcome back to another issue of PlayStation Weekly! The best place to get caught up with PlayStation news!  Out the gate, I’m going to tell you that it was kind of a slow news week in the gaming sector. I mean, there are lots of little tidbits here and there, but not really note worthy info to be read here. That being said, there was one major news break that has caught a lot of attention since yesterday. That news break is the delay of Destruction Allstars! One of the few PS5 exclusive launch lineups.   Not to worry, though. This is actually pretty good news for future PS5 owners. Destruction Allstars is getting a delayed release into February, 2021, but not due to the game needing more work. It would seem that Destruction Allstars is getting delayed because of low preorder numbers. But that’s not all. Destruction Allstars will also be released as a free PS Plus title in February! It will be available for free for 2 months for Plus subscribers and then it will go back to stores for whatever price tags Sony hands it.    While this news might not seem to go much deeper, it does. With the news of Destruction Allstars being delayed, many gamers that had preordered PS5’s with the game bundled in, had concerns about what would happen with their preorders? Now, it seems like the solution should be simple. Get the cost of the game taken off the overall price or swap it for another title, but GameStop sent out some alarming emails that could have been better explained and will hopefully be updated and sent again with clearer terms.    While I haven’t heard about how other companies are handling the situation with their bundles, I can say that GameStop sent out emails to customers to let them know that their orders have been delayed. Dun, dun, duuuunnnnnn!!!!  The problem here is that email doesn’t specify exactly what happened or how things will move forward. A lot of folks got in touch with GameStop customer service to inquire about said email and things aren’t 100% concrete as of yet because GameStop hasn’t released a statement yet, but many gamers are claiming that GameStop told them they would cancel only the game and the rest of the console bundle would ship on time.    I haven’t heard any news of preorders being cables over this, but I have a feeling that people are going to make the mistake of canceling their preorder online as they might assume the console bundle won’t ship until sometime in February, 2021. Do not cancel your preorders people! GameStop is a little slow to the punch when it comes to clearing things up and the email was likely an automated message to give you a heads up that more details are on the way.    If GameStop ever does make a public comment on the issue, I’ll be sure to let you know, but I’m in … Read More