PS5 Could be Codenamed ‘Erebus’ According to Unreal Engine 4

If there’s one thing Sony does really well, it’s codenames. Whether it was the epic “Morpheus” used for PlayStation VR or “Neo” used prior to the announcement of the PS4 Pro, they’re undeniably cool names to mask the true nature of the project. In some cases, they also have a deeper meaning that helps us understand the nature of the beast as it were. Thanks to a user by the name of Gemüsepizza on resetera, we may now have the codename for the PS5: “Erebus.” Join us as we look at the meaning behind this name, and how one clever gamer uncovered the truth inside of Unreal Engine 4. The Truth, Hidden Deep in Code Gemüsepizza, a user on the website resetera, posted some interesting screenshots of code from within Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 that showcased what could be the first sign of PS5’s official codename. This would be the codenamed used internally at Sony and with game developers prior to the console’s official announcement. Take a look! So, here we see the current devices supported by this prevalent game engine listed out. Everything from Windows, to Switch, and of course PS4 and Xbox. The one we’re really interested in is the last entry. It’s simply named “Erebus.” In a subsequent screenshot, we see the name used alongside other code referring to the PS4: Of course, this could be the codename for something else, but the discussion in the forum surrounding the meaning of the name “Erebus” got me thinking. As mentioned by the users, Erebus is the Greek god of darkness, but if we look at a poem by Hesiod known as Theogony, things get more interesting. This poem details the genealogy or birth of the gods in Greek mythology. Now, Erebus was indeed one of the first primordial gods to exist before everything. In fact, according to Greek myth, first came Chaos; then came Gaia, Tartarus, Eros, and then Erebus. Notice something there? Erebus was the FIFTH god to be born in Greek mythology Now, that’s either a massive coincidence or Sony is once again trying to be sneaky with their codenames. Given the number association, I’m also willing to bet this isn’t referring to Project Scarlett, which is Microsoft’s next-generation console. A developer on Epic’s own Fortnite game, took to Twitter to try and deflect these rumors with an explanation: FYI references to 'Erebus' in UE4 code only refer to the codename for the Switch version of @FortniteGame before we announced it. — ᗩᖇᒍᗩᑎ (@arjanbrussee) August 30, 2018 While this could be the end of the whole rumor, people are still pointing out that the use of the name refers to a console, not a game. Also, we can see the Nintendo Switch referenced already in the code, so why the duplicate? It doesn’t quite add up. If Unreal Engine 4 already has code to prepare for the PS5, it would also support earlier rumors that developers have PS5 dev kits, and have had them for some … Read More