PS5 Transformer – Portable Concept by Kevin Tan

A PS5 portable design that transforms based on usage. This Innovative PS5 concept was created by graphic artist Kevin Tan. A hybrid console that is portable and playable on the TV is something that the Nintendo Switch has popularized since its release. Sony could be considering something similar with a design like these. As you scroll through these concept images, take a look at how the console looks when deployed and how it can collapse into a convenient size that fits into a carrying case. Would you want a portable system? If so, would you want it to be a hybrid console like this one? Let us know in the comments below! PS5 Portable OpenView High Resolution PS5 Portable – TransformingView High Resolution PS5 Portable – Vertical ModeView High Resolution PS5 Portable – Closed ModeView High Resolution PS5 Portable Plus Carrying CaseView High Resolution PS5 Portable Packed In Carrying CaseView High Resolution PS5 Transform Earlier Concept PhaseView High Resolution Is it possible that the PS5 will be a portable console? Our modern society is very reliant on smartphones. More and more people are playing their games on the go, so could these be the focus of the PS5? Tell us your thoughts and if you would like to see more concepts by this designer, post your comments below! See Also: See all the PS5 Concept Designs DualShock 5