PS5 Launch Celebration! We invite all gamers to join us today!

My fellow Gamers… Today is the first official launch day of the PS5 in several regions around the globe. It is a special day for PlayStation fans alike. It is a day of celebration.    I want to say to those that did not manage to secure a PS5 today, that I am sorry. And while you may not have been able to secure one today, take solace in knowing that you will get one when the time is right and that on that day, it will be as much of a celebration for you as today is for those of us unboxing the ever elusive PlayStation 5’s.    I want to take a moment to congratulate those that did secure a PS5 today. You beat the odds. You refreshed your browser with lightning speed until you got a PS5 in your cart. You waited in a que for what seemed like eternity passing, in hopes that on the other side you would be greeted with the option to purchase a PS5. You ran to the game store and placed your in-person pickup faster than the speed of light and still made it home in time for dinner… You spent countless moments thinking about this day. The satisfaction, the joyous feeling, the adrenaline caused from the excitement, it’s all real and it’s well deserved. You my friend, you are a champion that is about to jump into gen gaming without looking back! You are about to learn that “Play… has no limits!” As we learn more about the PS5 and we review the games moving forward, I want you to know that our reviews will be unbiased, fair and accurate. Whether you have a PS5 or not. Whether you play PlayStation or Xbox, we will be reviewers for all Gamers across the world. As we write our reviews, we promise to give you thought provoking content that will open your mind to things you had not considered before. Things like detail in audio and background graphics. See how that blade of grass folds over in the wind and the dew falls off? No? Well, now you do. See? Just like that.    To all of the Gamers around the world, no matter what platform it is that you play on, we all have one common desire and that is to play and enjoy video games. No matter your genre of choice, no matter your level of rage, whether you’re a casual or hardcore player, we should all take a moment to appreciate video games as a whole. Think about your favorite gaming moments. About the times you finally completed something you had been stuck on. About the challenges, the scares, the moments that made our eyes well up a little bit, even if we don’t openly admit it. Now, hold onto those thoughts for the rest of the day and everyday forward. I promise you will find yourself in a better mood and enjoying more than just the games.  Yes, … Read More