PlayStation 5 Concept Designs

PS5 official and concept console designs come from some of the best designers around the world including Sony. Official Playstation 5 (New!) Sony Playstation Sony Playstation shocked the world with these concepts on June 11, 2020. Next Level Concepts! (New!) Community Some truly Next Level Fan Created Concepts of the official PS5 Console. PS5 Concept by Canadian Jedi Dan K Based on the PS5 Dev Kit Dan creates his vision of the PS5. PS5 Console, Controller, & Virtual Actuality Designs Danny Haymond Jr Unique sketches with console & controllers with virtual reality glasses. In this first collection, Danny Haymond Jr. shows off his vision for a PS5 that features a simple design, but some truly high-end features. With support for 3D holograms on both the system and the controller, the game will come to life right in front of you. Even if we can’t project 3D holograms, some sort of augmented reality solution could provide the same effect. All you would need are glasses that change your perception of the world around you. In the second collection, you’ll find a completely different concept that utilizes the cloud for instant game streaming. Sony has always focused on consoles that look sleek while also providing excellent performance. The future promises both form and function. Keep checking back here as we add more exclusive designs. Take a look at some of the ways Sony will define the look and feel of the PS5. Download these high resolution designs and make them your wallpaper, let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments! PS5 Levitating Console and Dualshock 5 Controller Danny Haymond Jr The Next Generation PS5 gaming and entertainment system. The systems unique cloud based operating system requires no physical gaming disc. Traditional PS5 Holographic Gaming Experience – Gaming comparative with current day experience – Holographic displays on console and controller give another dimension of gaming – can display maps, upgrades, etc. – buttons and analog pads are room temperature quantum locked super conductors that respond to the slightest movement. PS5 Portable – Transform Concept Kevin Tan PS5 Transform concept design The world is moving towards a portable future, and this concept showcases just that. Imagine folding the PS5 into a smartphone sized device and taking it with you wherever you go. Once you’ve reached a spot where you want to play, transform it into the image you see here and insert the disc into the now fully functional drive. Combine this with a VR headset and no place is off limits for you. Never stop playing, right? PS5 Slim Concept Kevin Tan Check out this PS5 Slim / Sleek concept design Who needs a breakable glass screen when we can have a malleable and slim console that uses an unbreakable screen and components that go with you. There’s slim, and then there’s this. Playstation 5 Console David Hansson A unique textured futuristic Playstation 5 console with 2 different angles. The PS5 may not come as a console like we’re used … Read More