PS5 Price, How Much will the PS5 Cost?

Playstation Price History PS1 $299 December 3, 1994 PS2 $299 March 4, 2000 PS3 $599 + (depending on model) November 11, 2006 PS4 $399 November 15, 2013 PS4 Pro $399 November 10, 2016 PS5 $399 Digital | $499 Disc Release Date Price Update DIGITAL – $399 DISC – $499 Confirmed. We accurately predicted this years ago! It is no secret that gaming is an expensive hobby. What makes it more so is the fact that every six years or so, a new lineup of consoles releases, bringing forth another wave of items for gamers to purchase. With the heralding of a new console, the internet immediately goes into a frenzy, speculating about prices. The PlayStation 4 has already let that particular cat out of the bag, and four hundred dollars is less than what people expected. So what about the PlayStation 5? What can we expect the PS5 Price to be? Should we start saving up now? There are certainly a number of factors to consider when asking a question like this. We should start by looking at current predictions and the actions of competitors like Microsoft. We’ll also need to look at the history of the PlayStation’s pricing, do some math, (yikes!) and see what inflation rates will have to say on the matter. Without knowing the exact hardware of the PlayStation 5, we can only speculate, and speculate we shall! Let us begin! The price of the next console is the question we’re here to answer today. It seems like Sony doesn’t want to alienate gamers with a massive price tag again. If we look at the PS3 and PS4, it’s clear that they learned from their mistake with the third console. That being said, the form that the PS5 takes will drastically change the ultimate price point. Let’s look at the possibilities, shall we? Leaks and Rumors Reveal Potential Price Points We all saw the incredible reveal of the PS5 console and a bunch of games in June 2020, but what about the price? While we don’t have a solid answer just yet, multiple sources have suggested what we also believe. The first is a screenshot making the rounds of an Amazon listing, which suggests the PS5 standard will be 499 euros, and mostly like $499 USD. Take a look: PlayStation 5 Price: 499€? Digital Edition: 399€? Not bad ? — Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) June 16, 2020 The screenshot has gone on to be discredited by Amazon, but the true source of the image has yet to be revealed. Even so, this same price point at $499 and $399 for the digital only version is something others are also sharing. Namely is the Twitter account @IronManPS5 who recently rebranded as an Iron Man themed account. As part of an open letter expounding the nature of such accounts that leak information, they also snuck in a confirmation from their perspective that the new consoles will indeed be $399 and $499 for each version: — Iron Man … Read More