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Game Over, your subscription could not be saved. Please try again. Success, rock on Playstation Gamer. Shhhh don't tell your XBox friends. PS5 Pre Order & Update Newsletter Stay up to date with the latest PS5 Pre Order information. Do not miss out! Enter your email address to subscribe Provide your email address to subscribe. For e.g SUBSCRIBE Playstation Price PS1 $299 December 3, 1994 PS2 $299 March 4, 2000 PS3 $599 + (depending on model) November 11, 2006 PS4 $399 November 15, 2013 PS4 Pro $399 November 10, 2016 PS5 $399 Digital | $499 Disc Release Date PS5 Pre-Order Update! Sony may limit one PS5 per customer. Sony has assured everyone that PS5 preorders won’t come as a surprise. Speaking to Geoff Keighly on the DualSense hands-on stream, PlayStation Worldwide Marketing Head, Eric Lempel said they will give gamers “plenty of advance notice.” When will #ps5 pre-orders start? PlayStation worldwide marketing head Eric Lempel says they will give gamers plenty of advance notice. #SummerGameFest — Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) July 17, 2020 Amazon has put up their PS5 page up, view here. The ability to pre-order is expected soon! Sign up for our newsletter on this page to get an alert as soon as it opens up and where. With our insider sources we will likely know very early on. Be the first to Pre Order The PS5 by signing up for our PS5 Newsletter from on this page. We predict the PS5 will sell out within hours or days at the most. As soon as pre orders are available you will be one of the first to know here! Don’t be left out like thousands of gamers were when the PS4 pre orders ran out. • Don’t be left behind when the PS5 goes to pre order. • Get updates on the most important PS5 news. • We have a ZERO spam policy, your email will never be sold or shared. Where to Order the PS5 Once Released? You will of course have many choices to choose from but knowing where the best deals will be important. We have compiled a list here of where you should be able to pre-order the PS5. Where to buy the PS5? – World’s largest online retailer with the strongest and most reliable distribution. Of course they will be selling the PS5! BestBuy – Best Buy Pre-Order Notify Page – Sony will likely have pre-orders. – They once ran out of PS4’s but hopefully not this time. – Highly likely. – Membership has it’s benefits. Were you able to pre-order the PS4? Or did you end up missing the pre order and have to wait? How many limited pre-orders do you think Sony will do this time around? Share your thoughts and comments below. Remember this!? Don’t let that be you.