PS4.5 Rumors: Is Sony Suddenly Stalling For Time?

Recently, gaming outlet Kotaku revealed that their developer sources told them Sony is working on an enhanced version of the PS4 known as the PS4.5 (no word if this is an official title or not). This upgraded PS4 is supposed to have 4K support and more powerful hardware. Kotaku seems to think these sources are legitimate and that Sony is actually working on this project. Assuming it’s true, do these PS4.5 rumors suggest that Sony is stalling for time in the face of rapidly advancing technology? Does this news delay or hasten the arrival of the PS5? Let’s discuss! What is the PlayStation 4.5? At face-value, the PS4.5 is supposed to be an enhanced PS4 console with a more powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) that would allow it to play games in 4K resolution and offer more power for PlayStation VR and games in general. Think of it like the “New” 3DS Nintendo did that was more powerful. Of course, in the case of the 3DS, there were games that could only be played on the new system and even multiplatform games suffered on the old hardware. On the one hand, a system like PS4.5 could give Sony the edge they need to stay relevant into the future while they no doubt plan PS5, but introducing another console this early into the cycle that’s more powerful will also fracture the market. Two separate sources have confirmed the existence of such a machine, while several other writers on the Kotaku staff also confirmed with their sources. Odds are looking pretty good that Sony is considering this or downright working on it. The question that come to light are whether it will be an upgrade you can install into your current PS4, or an entirely new console. As it stands, the sources suggest that Sony is still exploring the idea and hasn’t committed to anything. Even so, critics have said that the PS4’s hardware doesn’t have legs for an entire generation, let alone support for virtual reality. This may be Sony’s only chance at staying relevant until the time is right for release PS5. What do Gamers Think? These rumors have caught fire around the web with multiple PS4 outlets reporting on the suspected console upgrade. I went to Facebook to take a look at some of the reactions from gamers. Let’s see what they had to say before I offer my opinion: No, I would be annoyed, we accept a new console I.e ps5 in another 5 years or so is inevitable, but a ps4.5 is an insult to all those who went out and bought the ps4 which as yet has failed to live up to all the hype, Sony are only doing this to make more money and copying Microsoft with their xboxone variations they have announced. – Sean Homar It’s a good idea only if they release a cheap upgrade that can be installed in our own consoles. Otherwise, users – including myself- will be very disappointed. – … Read More