PS5 Driving and Racing Games

It’s pedal to the metal in these intense racing and driving games, where cars come in all shapes and sizes. Confirmed Driving and Racing Games For PS5 Can’t Drive This Destruction All-Stars DIRT 5 Gran Turismo 7 MXGP 20 RIDE 4 Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown WRC 9 Our Top Picks For Driving and Racing on The PS5 1. Gran Turismo Gran Turismo is the flagship title for Sony racing games, and while it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from them, I’m thinking we’ll see a release on PS5. This series has always been big on graphics and realism, and the power of the PS5 will give them the ability to crush the competition (Forza) with graphical detail alone. 2. DiRT While there are plenty of simulation racing games to choose from, the offroad scene has long been dominated by DiRT, and the series has only been getting better with time. VR compatibility found its way into this latest release, and that tells me we’ll be seeing this series on the PS5 since it’s ruling the off road genre. 3. Burnout Many of the people who worked on Burnout are now over at Three Fields Entertainment. This was one of the best arcade racing games back in the day, and now that they are making Danger Zone, it shows them coming one step closer to making a true Burnout successor. If they can somehow purchase the rights to the name from EA, I would not be surprised at all if we saw Burnout on the PS5. View all the PS5 Game Categories Action and Adventure Games Board Games Casual and Party Games Fighting Games First-Person Shooter Games Horror Games Pinball Games Role-Playing Games Shooter Games Sports Games VR Games