PS5 Fighting Games

Whether it’s online or with your friends in the same room, fighting games are the foundation of any great gaming competition. Confirmed Fighting Games For PS5 Guilty Gear Strive Mortal Kombat 11 Our Top Picks For Fighting Games on The PS5 1. Street Fighter Street Fighter is absolute classic, and it’s been riding high as a PS4 exclusive with Street Fighter V. With major appearances at E3 and PSX, this series is pretty healthy after all these years. I imagine we’ll see it’s sixth entry on PS5 with new characters, and perhaps even a new art style. I know, blasphemy, but with all that horsepower, it would be pretty cool to make things more realistic looking. 2. Tekken Speaking of realism, Tekken has always been known for its hyper-realistic graphics. With Tekken 7 hitting PS4, and even some VR content included with it. Fighting in VR? Don’t get too excited, it’s more of a bonus than a full feature. Even so, if the concept sticks, we could see a VR fighting game with Tekken on the PS5. I’m thinking a wireless headset, those glove controllers Sony has a patent for, and a lot of space required so you don’t punch your TV. Regardless, I’m betting we’ll see Tekken 8 on the PS5. 3. Mortal Kombat/Injustice Netherrealm Studios has been riding high with the release of Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2, both of which were very well received. Now that they’ve nailed down the finer points of their new engine, I think it’s time we tried that Mortal Kombat/DC crossover again. Yeah, the first time didn’t go so well, but that was the old engine. Someone over there, ideally Ed Boon himself, must be thinking the same. Regardless, Mortal Kombat and Injustice are riding too high to not make an appearance on the PS5. 4. Marvel vs Capcom Marvel vs Capcom made some huge waves when Sony announced Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. This is another one of those series that has been begging for a sequel for years. Assuming this new entry is well-received (and it will be), then it will propel this fighting series onto the PS5. Again, the art style here could really benefit from some additional horsepower, even if it’s just additional effects or higher frame rate combined with 4K. I wouldn’t mind seeing the return of consumer arcade sticks either. 5. Guilty Gear This is one of those niche fighting games that always manages to come back. While we haven’t seen one in a little while, Guilty Gear is bound to make a comeback on the PS5. It’s also possible that we could see its sibling, BlazBlue make a comeback as well. View all the PS5 Game Categories Action and Adventure Games Board Games Casual and Party Games Driving and Racing Games First-Person Shooter Games Horror Games Pinball Games Role-Playing Games Shooter Games Sports Games VR Games