Has The Modern PC Already Beaten The PS5?

There’s always been this kind of ongoing conflict between PC and consoles. With the right time, budget, and skillset, a PC will always be more powerful than the latest and greatest console. There’s no getting around that, but power isn’t everything. Consoles have a lot going for them, otherwise they would have died out a long time ago. We like to talk a lot here about how powerful the PS5 will be, but when you look at the current PC builds out there, it’s easy to think that the PS5 will be yet another console that pales in comparison to its PC brethren. While it’s highly likely a high-end PC will best the PS5 in terms of raw power, I wouldn’t say that the PS5 has necessarily been surpassed. Let’s find out how Sony plans to woo the PC crowd! The Five Factors We Must Consider The first thing we have to remember is that power isn’t everything. PC has the consoles beat in terms of raw power, but there’s a lot more that goes into a quality PC experience versus a console one. Let’s not forget that Sony also created the PS4 Pro with to woo the PC gamers. It promised 4K for a fraction of the cost and with a much lower barrier of entry. To run 4K on PC, you would need a ton of power and a strong understanding of how to optimize such experiences with proper adjustments and tweaks. The PS4 Pro offers the resolution you want, with the price tag and the usability that most gamers would prefer in their chaotic lives. While power is one major factor, in my opinion, there are five factors we need to consider when looking at how the PS5 and the PC will compete: 1. Price PC gaming is expensive. You can’t deny the results, but you’ll easily spend as much or much more on a PC build than a console. For example, I built a PC several years ago that could run everything I threw at it with max settings. It also costed me just over $1,000. Granted, I used it for a long time, but that’s not chump change. That was also just me making a PC that could do 1080p/60fps for modern games at the time. In today’s world, you’ll need something with more horsepower to hit 4K resolutions and utilize HDR like the PS4 Pro. Even if you wanted something that had similar specs to the PS4 Pro, according to PCGamesN, you’d still be spending about a $100 more on that build than the PS4 Pro, and you wouldn’t be able to do 4K on that kind of PC. If you want to go all out and build a PC that runs 4K games and VR like it’s nothing, you’re going to be spending a lot of cash. The entry-level graphics cards will run you $199 on their own. If you want the best of the best, you’re going to spend over $1,500 on … Read More

PS5 vs The PC Gaming Machine

Like Father, Like Son: How the PlayStation 5 will compete with the future PC The age old quandary of what came first, the chicken or the egg, is something that existentialists and profound scholars will argue until the end of time. Luckily with gaming, we know what came first; the PC or Personal Computer. These two technological titans have been battling a secret war since the dawn of gaming. In today’s generation, the PC has ascended to something beyond what the current consoles can offer. The PC has always had an edge in terms of sheer power, but the way we understand game consoles is changing. Sony is fully aware of the threat PC poses. Today we’ll look at how they plan to tackle this beast once and for all. The Old War: Past Consoles vs PC With the PlayStation 4, we have great exclusives, but today’s modern PC’s can easily outperform any major console release. In addition to graphics, PC allows the gamer to tailor their experience beyond an aesthetic level. With console, the painting is complete, and the gamer can only appreciate what is given to them, flaws and all. With PC, the gamer is given the painting, but also the brush, and the paint. They can tweak tiny details or create entire mods to carry the game into a new form. While the PC still has the edge in a number of ways, including the ever popular mainstay mouse and keyboard controller scheme, consoles have been catching up. Looking at the PlayStation 4 for example, we see an internal architecture vastly similar to a home computer. We look at the Steam Boxes, and we see a home desktop that is pre-built and ready to game, much like a console. Do you see what’s happening? With each passing year, the console becomes more like a PC and the PC becomes more like a console. The level of customization that PC has in regards to tweaking graphics and modifying the hardware is still there, and still creates a major difference between the two devices. Even so, PC is becoming more streamlined and there seems to be multiple breeds of computer emerging. Some are devoted entirely to business, while others are given hardware specifically for gaming. This emergence of different species is also something we’ve seen in gaming. We have consoles that are used entirely at home, consoles for use on the go, and smart devices to play apps and casual games. With so many emerging concepts and possibilities, you have to wonder if things will continue to expand, or consolidate into a more well-rounded device that tackles all of these purposes? So where then, does the future take us? We’ve already seen how vastly technology will change in the coming years to herald the release of the PlayStation 5, but how will these advances affect the home computer? Will PC gaming stay on top or will these two warring factions finally reach a treaty? The answer, as always, is … Read More