Ubisoft Forward 2021 Highlights and Announcements!

Each year Ubisoft hosts some sort of event around the summertime, and with E3 2021 in full swing, it’s time for Ubisoft Forward 2021. Join us here at 3PM Eastern, 12PM Pacific, for the full event, and stay tuned to this page for the major highlights as the event unfolds!

Splinter Cell, new Assassin’s Creed content, Rainbow Six, Far Cry 6, or even Beyond Good & Evil 2? Time will tell, let’s dive in.

Ubisoft Forward 2021: Full Event and Highlights

  • We’re opening with Rainbow Six Extraction, which is a co-op version of the game that has more of a sci-fi twist to the story. The enemies seem to be infected with an alien parasite of a sort, with ranged attacks and special enemy types. It’s coming out September 16th.
  • Next up is Rocksmith, which seems to be making a comeback. I always liked the concept of this, as it taught you real guitar skills. The new game uses a subscription to give you ongoing content, which I have mixed feelings about. There’s a beta upcoming for the new Rocksmith+ game.
  • A new Rider’s Republic trailer shows us a deeper look into the massively multiplayer extreme sports game. We got a look at the hub of the game, and some gameplay for the snowboarding gameplay, BMX, and wingsuit modes. It’s releasing September 2nd.
  • We got some updates on live games like Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor, Trackmania, Brawlhalla, The Crew 2, and upcoming Watch Dogs DLC.
  • Just Dance 2022 is coming, surprising no one, but is nice to have.
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gets some updates, including one-handed swords and a summer release for the Siege of Paris DLC. The Discovery Tour mode makes a return, which could be cool for those interested in viking history. The game is also slated to get DLC into the second year, with additional expansions.
  • Far Cry 6 gameplay mostly focuses on a cutscene where the villain is in the spotlight. The tension is good and the villain seems strong. They went on to discuss post-launch content for the release. The Season pass is also confirmed to include Blood Dragon, and DLC where you play as past Far Cry villains, which is pretty awesome actually.
  • Mario and the Rabbids are back, with a new title that seems to pull from Mario Galaxy. The new title is called Sparks of Hope. We also got a look at some early gameplay, with promises that it would introduce new elements to push the genre forward.
  • We’re closing out with a look at the Avatar game Ubisoft is making, and the graphics are certainly impressive, but the film’s sequel needs to be quite good to really become relevant again after all these years and make a game like this make sense.

Article by: Bradley Ramsey

Insert date: 6/12/21

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