Helping Shape The PS5: The Voice of Gamers

In the last generation, we have seen a massive surge of change as result of gamers speaking out. Whether it’s the loot box scandals, features disappearing, or issues with the state of a game, we have seen countless times that the voice of gamers is a powerful one.

It’s also been refreshing to see how much communication has improved between customers and developers/publishers. While it’s far from perfect, they’re willing to listen more than ever. Now is the time to speak out about what you want from the PS5.

Our Top 5 Polls of All Time

Gamers have spoken out in the past via our polls, so join us as we look at what you have said about the PS5 in our past polls. We’ll also glimpse into how we can continue to shape the PS5 together.

1. Would You Pay $2000 US Dollar For a PS5?

The price of the PS5 is something we’ve discussed at length, and our most popular poll reflects how passionate gamers feel about the cost of their consoles. In this poll, we asked if you would pay $2,000 for the system.

The majority of you said no, of course, but there were a large number of votes that said yes or maybe, which is interesting. This poll essentially shows us that price is very important, and that there is most certainly a limit to what people will pay.

It also shows that there are a dedicated few who would pay just about anything, but these people would be a small percentage of consumers.

2. If the PS5 Releases in 30 Days, Would You Buy It?

Our next poll asked gamers if they would rush out and buy the PS5. What if Sony just dropped a bomb that the system would be available in the next 30 days? This is nigh impossible, but assuming it did happen, how would gamers react?

Over 50% of the responses said yes, while many others said maybe, and a small percentage said no. This shows us that the release date of the PS5 could come sooner than later, and many people wouldn’t mind.

It also shows that just under half of gamers would still wait, as they are probably happy with their PS4s. It’s true that the system still has some life left in it, as the latest exclusives have been nothing short of incredible.

Ultimately, the release date of the PS5 is going to be a balancing act on Sony’s part. Too soon, and you risk alienating your user base, too late, and the hardware of the PS4 won’t be able to keep up with new ideas.

The good news here is that gamers are already excited about the next system. Over time, more will join this school of thought, and that will be the prime time to release the PS5.

3. Do You Want The PS4 to be 4K Resolution Compatible?

The PS4 Pro introduced 4K resolution into gaming for the first time on a console, but does resolution really matter? Our poll asking this very question saw that 51 percent said it was a must. About 20 percent didn’t care, and 28 percent wanted 8K instead.

It’s clear that resolution matters to gamers, but is it really the most important thing? Some people may assume that a higher resolution means better graphics, but that’s not the case. Resolution is just the clarity of the image, it doesn’t decide things like frame rate, which may be more important.

Even so, this one was an easy win for the 4K and 8K supporters.

4. Should The PS5 Come With an Optical Blu-Ray Drive?

Here’s something we knew would get people talking. Games have always come on discs, but many titles these days are digital only. It brought about the question: should the PS5 ditch discs entirely?

The answer here was a resounding no. A whopping 70 percent of the votes said the PS5 should absolutely have a disc drive. Some people said no, and 23 percent wanted it to be an option. Looks like discs are here to stay.

5. What Feature is Most Important to You in The New PS5?

This was a big one. We wanted to see which feature is the most important in the upcoming PS5 console. What did you want more than anything else? Backward compatibility earned the highest number of votes at 36 percent.

The runner-up was graphics, with 18 percent of the votes. Everything else had small numbers of votes, but with Microsoft offering a robust backward compatible selection of titles this generation, it’s clear PlayStation gamers don’t want to be left behind again.

What Gamers Want From The PS5

We asked, and you spoke. It’s time to put together our ideal concept of the PS5. Based on the results from these polls, here’s what gamers want:

  • The price can be higher than the PS4 was at launch
  • A majority of people want the PS5 sooner, rather than later
  • The PS5 must have 4K support, 8K if possible
  • The console should have a disc drive
  • Backwards compatibility is a highly desired feature

This gives us a picture of what gamers want from the PS5, but it’s not complete. We’ll need your help to do that. Take a look at our current polls, and let your voice be heard! We will keep the results of our top polls updated right here.

What are your top requests for the PS5? Let us know in the comments!

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