Warzone – Tips for a BR win

So, Warzone has been out for a month today and it should come as no surprise that the free to play title has reached over 50 million unique players thus far. With more Gamers downloading the game everyday, not everyone is prepared for the Warzone. I have put together some of my best tips to try and help out new and not so new players to help give you a little extra edge. 

Where to drop… 

This is an interesting topic as some players just want to drop into chaos and start a gun fight as quickly as possible and others like to drop somewhere unpopulated, so they can start looting and try to get a headstart for better weapons and equipment. Idf you’re new to the game, I would suggest taking a look at the map to see where the circle is located. Try dropping just outside of the circle and watch for enemy players to see where they go. This gives you a moment to breathe and pick up items as you decide on your game plan. 


Once you land…

 You’ve made it to the ground and it’s time to prepare for battle. Even if you didn’t see enemies dropping into the same site, stay vigilant. You never know when a squad or a solo commando will try and take you out quickly. You’ll want to ransack houses, buildings, whatever you see. As soon as you get your first armor plate, put it on for maximum health. Pick up whatever weapons you think you’ll do best with, but I highly recommend grabbing silenced weapons when possible. This will keep you off the radar and give a good opportunity for a surprise attack. 


Loudout Drops…

 perhaps one of the most important tips I can offer in Warzones Battle Royale mode, is grabbing a loadout drop. Loadout drops do come into the game on their own, but I like to buy one in the beginning of the match. A team that works together can easily pool the money together to buy a loadout drop early on. While I personally think loadout drops shouldn’t be a part of the game, they are and if you don’t utilize them, you are at a disadvantage. 


What should be in your loadout? 

Well, this is definitely up for debate, but I have a few suggestions that I think work well in the field. As far as weapons go, you should really go with what you are most accurate with. I use the M13 in both BR and Plunder for its incredibly low recoil. Using the perks Cold-Blooded, Ghost and Tracker are a great combo to stay off the radar and move comfortably through the map. Using Tracker can help a lot when trying to pinpoint a diligent enemy, but I also like to switch that out with Tune Up to reduce the revive time by 25%. It really depends on the players I’m partied up with. Slap a Heartbeat Sensor on your loadout and you’ll ping any nearby enemies that aren’t equipped with Ghost. 


Going for the win…

Now that you’ve got everything you want for the match, it’s time to go for the win. It is truly not an easy feat, but when it happens, it’s a great feeling. Communication is important. When you’re playing in a squad, keep your team informed of where you’re heading and enemy activity. Try not shove yourself up your teammates ass, but don’t move too far away. Walking into the house three buildings away from your team can get you taken out by a nearby squad looking for loot. I also recommend moving in with the circle. This will help keep you safe from getting flanked and you’ll be able to take out squads along the way. 


The final circle…

If you have made it this far, you’ve already done well. Anything can happen as the last circle slowly closes the players into closer quarters. If you have three teammates alive and well, I suggest one player uses a UAV to highlight anyone that isn’t using ghosts. The rest of the team should be calling in cluster strikes to other areas of the map. You can go with an airstrike instead, but there’s the chance the skies are too full and it won’t be usable at that moment. At this point the enemies should be scrambling for cover and depending where the circle is actually closing, you should be able to pick off the remaining players and take the win. 


There are a slew of tips to help players along and tons of strategic tactics to get the win. Share your best tips to help advance your gaming brethren in Warzone in the comments below. Thanks for reading and for more warzone content, follow me on YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/The8bitentertainment/videos


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