Warzone review part 2 – Plunder

Welcome to part 2 of the Warzone overview and review. If you missed the first which covers the Battle Royale basics of Warzone, you can read that here. https://thomasm64.sg-host.com/warzone-part-one/ 

Moving forward in part 2, we’re taking a look at the Plunder game mode and dropping a full review score. Let’s dig in!


Plunder is definitely not a Battle Royale mode, but it is large scale multiplayer fun. Rather than a last man/team standing, the first team of three to collect 1 million dollars, will reign as the winner of a match. As simple as that sounds, there is a lot more than meets the eye here. 

For starters, at the beginning of a match you get to spawn with your own custom class load out. Those of us that have been playing multiplayer all along with the full game, will have some serious advantage over new players sharing a lobby. Not only are we experienced with our weapons of choice, but most have leveled up all of the weapons available. Luckily for new players, Plunder is littered with weapons and crates, just like the Battle Royale mode. That really gives them a sporting chance until they manage to level themselves up.


So, loadouts aside, let’s discuss the main objective and how to get that win for you and the squad. The objective as I said before, is to be the first team to collect 1 million dollars in cash. You will find lots of loot laying around the map, so it’s important to pick up extra bucks you can find, but be vigilant. There will be enemy teams hunting down other players in order to kill them and take their cash. Not to fret, there are ways to secure that hard earned money you’ve got the duffel bag. As with the Battle Royale mode, you can also complete contracts for extra money and lootable items. There is no closing gas circle in Plunder, so you’re free to explore the map wherever or whenever you’d like. 

When you manage to score a large amount of cash, it might be wise to try and secure it. This way, if an enemy manages to kill you, you will leave very little behind. Whatever you manage to deposit, will be safe for the rest of the match. You don’t have to deposit the money. If you’re up for the challenge, you could always try and run the entire match without a deposit, but that is quite a challenge to win as the top three teams with the most cash will be highlighted on the map for all to see and hunt down. 


There are two ways to secure the cash. There are large helicopter pads around the map. Once a player calls in a chopper, everyone in the match is alerted. It becomes a dangerous game as some teams might be staking out around a deposit spot to ambush players and then steal and deposit the cash for themselves. You can also find a store on the map and purchase a small balloon that will let you deposit a small amount of money. It is a fairly safe way to secure the money, but it gets expensive to keep buying balloons, but play how you will. 

If you do get killed before you are able to cash your stash, there is a bit of good news here. You have unlimited respawns. It doesn’t matter how many times you die, you can spawn back into the match until it ends. If you get killed, your team can also pick the cash you left behind, so long as they managed to best the enemy that bested you. I suppose the enemy might run away after the kill, but those odds are pretty slim. 


Between the two game modes, Plunder is much more forgiving. With constant respawns, it’s difficult to get upset when you don’t come in first place. Plunder is definitely a lot of fun and a more causal go to game mode for those looking to have a more relaxed experience. All in all, I give Warzone an 8.5 out of 10. It’s a great game that is free for everyone to play. 


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