World’s Bravest Cleaner Posts Photos of The Prototype DualShock 5

DualShock 5

The Official PS5 Logo, revealed at CES 2020

While Sony’s keynote at CES 2020 did little to share new PS5 details (beyond an official logo, displayed above), that doesn’t mean we’re completely out of new things to talk about.

You may recall the PS5 dev kit photos that surfaced back in 2019. Well, now it’s time for the DualShock 5 prototype to see the light of day! Let’s see what this brave cleaner managed to capture.

The Hero We Need, But Not The One We Deserve

While we did see some photos of the PS5 dev kit in 2019, 2020 is offering a better look at both the prototype system, and the controller. Keep in mind, these are not final designs, but they do mimic what we’ve seen in recent patents.

Needless to say, this office cleaner is going to need new employment. Here’s the image from ResetEra:

DualShock 5

“Please do not share this…” Oh, you sweet summer child.

They mention that their employed at “U…” but fail to give us any details. Ubisoft would be an easy guess, but let’s not rule out Unity, which is an engine used by a lot of different games on PS4.

The controller image doesn’t offer much in the way of the triggers we heard about, but it does seem to fit the bill of being similar to the DS4, just bulkier. The touchpad also seems to be larger as patents have suggested.

Now that 2020 is here, images of the PS5, the DualShock 5, and more concrete details are bound to surface faster than ever. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates!

Article by – Bradley Ramsey
Insert date – 1/7/20

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