Most PlayStation Fans Prefer to Wait for the PS5

Gamers are used to have console generations, but all of that has changed. Now, we have the PS4 Pro, along with the standard PS4, to choose from. While this new option is 4K enabled and more powerful, it’s not the PS5. The PS5 is still coming, which leaves gamers with a decision to make: should they wait for the PS5? We ran a poll to ask that very question, and the results were very interesting. Join us as we look at the answers our fans gave us, and how you can decide for yourself. We Asked and The Fans Answered We were curious about how our fans thought of the PS4 Pro. Was it something they had to have, or would they rather keep their PS4 systems and await the inevitable PS5? It was an interesting question to ask. After all, wouldn’t PlayStation fans leap on the opportunity to try out a new console? Well, since the PS4 is more of an upgraded PS4 Pro, the difference wasn’t as striking as a next generation console would be. So, we went to work to see what the fans wanted. As part of our poll, we gave gamers three different choices: Buy the PS4 Pro Wait on the PS5 Neither As of this writing, the poll shows a whopping 60% prefer to wait for the PS5! It’s followed up by those who will buy the PS4 Pro, and the neither crowd came in the last place. So, it’s clear that the majority want to wait on the PS5. It makes sense, given the fact that PS4 Pro is simply an upgraded PS4. The fact that it exists within the same generation as the PS4 means that it will play all of the same games and that all future games will have to work on the PS4 as well. That means that the difference, while noticeable, won’t ever be the generational leap that the PS5 could provide. Sony has also focused intensely on the 4K aspect of the system. While it doesn’t always hit native 4K resolution, the checkerboard rendering it uses does give resolutions well above 1080p. The problem with this is that this is only something that 4K TV owners can have. 1080p owners can get benefits like supersampling, higher frame rates, and better graphics, but these features are rarely advertised or used to their fullest potential. Exceptions include games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, which offers multiple modes for PS4 Pro owners to choose, including higher frame rates or improved graphics. Beyond cases like this, the PS4 Pro hasn’t managed to really offer a major leap. It offers a lot for 4K TV owners, but the incentive for 1080p owners isn’t as high. That being said, if you’ve opted for PlayStation VR, the additional power of the Pro does create noticeably better experiences fairly consistently. Even with these things in mind, the PS4 Pro is still a $400 console. With Microsoft selling the Xbox One X for $499, it’s … Read More