Why Sony Should Delay The PS5 Release

While many gamers want the next big thing as soon as possible, this is not always the case with consoles. New owners of the PS4 or Pro probably don’t want the PS5 to come out right away. While Microsoft may be ahead with the Xbox One X, the PS4 doesn’t need its successor just yet. The PS5 is the console we want, but it’s not the console we need right now. Join us as we look at five reasons why Sony should delay the release of the PS5! 5 Compelling Reasons to Delay The PS5’s Release If Sony offered you the PS5 tomorrow, would you buy it? What if you had to give up all of your PS4 games, or your PlayStation VR? Many of us wouldn’t be willing to make that trade. The PS4 is alive and well, and PlayStation VR is settling into a nice stride. Here are our top 5 reasons for Sony to hold off on the PS5: 1. Don’t Rush the PS5 to Market First and foremost, Sony should not try and rush the PS5 to market. The PS4 has been out for several years, but the Pro and PSVR are just now finding their place in the gaming world. Putting out something new at this point would just rob this generation of its remaining potential. New consoles usually come out when the flood of titles has slowed to a trickle, and sales of the system start to slow down. This is when the market starts to stagnate, and the time comes for a new jolt of innovation. The PS4 is not here yet. Major releases like God of War, Last of Us Part II, Days Gone, and Death Stranding are still a ways out. These represent the next wave of epic titles for PS4, and with even newer titles announced in 2017, the PS4 has no shortage of power and innovation left in it. The most important takeaway here, is that the PS4 is not on its way out. If anything, it’s still growing at an incredible speed. Sony is a business above all else, so they will make the right call here and wait until the market is ready for a new system. 2. Break Sales Records As of December 2017, Sony has sold 70.6 million PS4 systems and 2 million PlayStation VR headsets. Last generation, Sony and Microsoft finished neck-and-neck, but this time around the PS4 is well ahead of Xbox One in sales. The Xbox One X could potentially close the gap, but early reports don’t make it seem like Microsoft’s new console is all the rage. If anything, Nintendo may win the war for sales this generation. The Nintendo Switch has already outsold the Wii U’s lifetime sales in Japan and continues to sell like hotcakes. The PS4 still has a ways to go before it conquers the PS2. As the greatest selling console of all time, the PlayStation 2 sold a whopping 155 million units. The PS4 is almost … Read More