Ghostwire: Tokyo February Showcase: New Details and Release Date!

Sony is hosted a livestream for Ghostwire: Tokyo on February 3rd, and we were eager to see some new details! The title comes to us from the developers of The Evil Within, so horror seems like a safe bet, but let’s dive in and see what the stream revealed! Highlights from the Ghostwire: Tokyo February 2022 Stream! Among all of the new horror titles coming to PS5, Ghostwire: Tokyo has stood out for its focus on Japanese horror, and the pedigree of Tango Gameworks who developed The Evil Within 1 and 2 prior to this title. The first thing that caught my eye again during the showcase were the enemy designs. Not only are they 100% terrifying, but they showcase a lot of variety in their designs. Whether it’s the classic woman with long black hair covering her face, or the girl in a yellow raincoat, or the headless schoolgirl dancing around the environment. The Slender Man-esque enemies in business suits with a blank slate of a face are really unsettling as well. The game goes beyond style though, and as part of the opening moments in the showcase, we learn about a number of mechanics and the first-person combat. Tango Gameworks describes the game as an action-adventure thriller with paranormal elements, but it still feels like a horror game to me based on the visual alone. You seem pretty powerful to fight back, however. The combat focuses on a power called “Ethereal Weaving” which has you channeling elements like fire, water, and air to chain together impressive looking attacks. The animation during the combat is stunning, and it makes me hope the combat is as fun to play as it is to watch, because it’s thrilling in motion. The storyline takes place in Tokyo after the population vanishes and a mysterious fog sweeps through the city, bringing all manner of supernatural monsters with it. You are possessed by a spirit who gives you your powers, and gameplay seems to be fairly open world with a grappling mechanic and Tori gates to cleanse to remove fog from areas that are infested and will drain your health. In addition to the combat, they also mention strange distortions that mess with time and space, which you’ll need to enter as part of the story. I could see these being more traditional horror and maybe less combat focused, but we shall see. The stream above eventually shows a chunk of gameplay before showing interviews with the developers. Seeing everything in motion is truly impressive and gives me high hopes for how the combat will look and feel in the finished game. We also know that the release date is soon! March 25th, and preorders on the PlayStation Store get you 3-day early access. I’m not totally sold on the main character or story just based on how rigid the cutscenes felt, but I am all in on the style and setting. What did you think of the stream? Are you picking up Ghostwire: … Read More

PS5 Horror Games

Fear isn’t a word in your vocabulary. You don’t mind blood, gore, intense violence, or any of those things. You want to be shocked, horrified, and scared out of your mind. These are the games for you. Horror Games For The PS5 DARQ Complete Edition Dead by Daylight Dying Light 2 GhostWire: Tokyo In Rays of The Light In Sound Mind Martha is Dead Monstrum II Observer: System Redux Quantum Error Resident Evil Village Returnal Scorn Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Our Top Predictions For Horror Games on The PS5 1. Frictional Games (Amnesia, SOMA) Frictional Games are known for their Amnesia titles, but they’ve also branched off into existential horror with their PS4 title SOMA. It’s clear they’re not afraid to try different stories and settings, so I imagine we’ll see something brand new on the PS5 from them. They’ve managed to scare me in all kinds of ways, so it will be interesting to see how they manage to up their game on the next generation. While their current title, Amnesia: Rebirth comes to PS4 in fall of 2020, they have yet to say if this new entry will come to the next generation, or if they have something else cooking up for the PS5. 2. Silent Hill The cancellation of Silent Hills was a major blow to the gaming industry. Kojima and legendary director Del Toro were both on the project, and it was looking incredible. Konami clearly has a screw loose, but I’m holding out hope that they come to their senses, or at the very least let someone bring back this classic series. With Resident Evil coming back, it’s only fair that Silent Hill gets a chance too on the PS5. 3. Until Dawn Until Dawn was an excellent homage to classic horror stories, and the Butterfly Effect system blew me away with the various ways the story could be influenced by your choices and actions. Even the VR spinoff was really fun, but Until Dawn is a game that begs some sort of sequel. Whether it’s new people or some kind of continuation from the first one, this game needs to have some sort of presence on the PS5. 4. The Evil Within We’ve already heard rumors about a sequel to Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within, but this series is a welcome addition to the horror catalog. While the first one had some rough edges, its heart was in the right place, and the unique story made for some really interesting twists, turns, and revelations. The PS5 could truly lend the cinematic feel to this series that the creators were going for in the first one. We need to see it on the PS5. 5. Summoning The Indie Developers Independent developers (indies) have been making some of the most interesting horror games this generation, and that will absolutely continue on the PS5. Smaller teams and studios are making titles like Lone Survivor, Sylvio, and Claire, all of which are unique and interesting takes on … Read More