PS5 in 2018? 5 Reasons Why It Absolutely Won’t Happen

Recently, the PlayStation 5 has been on everyone’s mind. No, it’s not because Sony said something about its inevitable release, it’s because a major analyst named Damian Thong predicted that Sony would be releasing the PS5 in 2018 to record breaking sales. Where does this leave new PS4 Pro and VR owners? Is Sony really moving on this quickly? The answer is no. Releasing the PS5 in 2018 would be a foolish move, and it’s not likely that Sony would make such a grave mistake when they’re doing so well. Join us for five reason why this prediction absolutely will not happen. 5 Reasons Why We Won’t Be Seeing The PS5 in 2018 (Despite Predictions) While I respect the opinion of Damian Thong, I don’t believe the PS5 will be coming in 2018. Beyond the obvious reason that it’s too soon, I’ve compiled my top 5 reasons why PS5 needs to come out later. Holiday 2020 seems about right, given the evidence we’ve compiled on our PS5 Release Date Page. Let’s take a look: 1. Sony is Winning in Sales Sony has literally zero reasons to rush the PS5 out of the gate. The PS4 has sold over 60 million consoles and that number continues to grow. Furthermore, Microsoft has only pushed between 25-30 million consoles to date, according to estimates. Even with Project Scorpio (Xbox 2) looming over the horizon, there’s still no rush. Even if Scorpio sold like crazy (which it won’t because it’s going to be expensive), it would take years for Microsoft to catch up. With Sony dominating the market, it just doesn’t make sense for them to compromise their lead by rushing out a new console. So, why did Damian Thong predict this? Well, it’s hard to say, but I would venture to guess that he say Microsoft’s upcoming console, how it was more powerful than Sony’s PS4 Pro, and threw in some other numbers to get to his prediction. I can understand that side of things, to an extent. The PS5 would, and will, sell like hotcakes, but it will sell better if people are ready for it. For this reason and all the others, that’s simply not the case. 2. PS4 Pro is Still Young The PS4 Pro hasn’t even been out for a year and we’re already talking about PS5? Sony committed to this concept of a mid-generation hardware refresh and said that it would be their focus for the foreseeable future. Two years (2018), is within the foreseeable future. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that gamers would be utterly enraged if they found out that their brand new console was about to be obsolete. It just doesn’t make any sense from a customer service perspective. Not to mention, look at the power that developers have managed to squeeze out of the PS4. The games continue to increase in both size and scale, and graphics have never looked better. Even though the PS4 Pro isn’t as powerful as … Read More

PS4.5 Rumors: Is Sony Suddenly Stalling For Time?

Recently, gaming outlet Kotaku revealed that their developer sources told them Sony is working on an enhanced version of the PS4 known as the PS4.5 (no word if this is an official title or not). This upgraded PS4 is supposed to have 4K support and more powerful hardware. Kotaku seems to think these sources are legitimate and that Sony is actually working on this project. Assuming it’s true, do these PS4.5 rumors suggest that Sony is stalling for time in the face of rapidly advancing technology? Does this news delay or hasten the arrival of the PS5? Let’s discuss! What is the PlayStation 4.5? At face-value, the PS4.5 is supposed to be an enhanced PS4 console with a more powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) that would allow it to play games in 4K resolution and offer more power for PlayStation VR and games in general. Think of it like the “New” 3DS Nintendo did that was more powerful. Of course, in the case of the 3DS, there were games that could only be played on the new system and even multiplatform games suffered on the old hardware. On the one hand, a system like PS4.5 could give Sony the edge they need to stay relevant into the future while they no doubt plan PS5, but introducing another console this early into the cycle that’s more powerful will also fracture the market. Two separate sources have confirmed the existence of such a machine, while several other writers on the Kotaku staff also confirmed with their sources. Odds are looking pretty good that Sony is considering this or downright working on it. The question that come to light are whether it will be an upgrade you can install into your current PS4, or an entirely new console. As it stands, the sources suggest that Sony is still exploring the idea and hasn’t committed to anything. Even so, critics have said that the PS4’s hardware doesn’t have legs for an entire generation, let alone support for virtual reality. This may be Sony’s only chance at staying relevant until the time is right for release PS5. What do Gamers Think? These rumors have caught fire around the web with multiple PS4 outlets reporting on the suspected console upgrade. I went to Facebook to take a look at some of the reactions from gamers. Let’s see what they had to say before I offer my opinion: No, I would be annoyed, we accept a new console I.e ps5 in another 5 years or so is inevitable, but a ps4.5 is an insult to all those who went out and bought the ps4 which as yet has failed to live up to all the hype, Sony are only doing this to make more money and copying Microsoft with their xboxone variations they have announced. – Sean Homar It’s a good idea only if they release a cheap upgrade that can be installed in our own consoles. Otherwise, users – including myself- will be very disappointed. – … Read More

Is PlayStation VR Holding Back the PS5 Release Date?

It’s no secret that the PS4 is an incredibly successful next generation console thus far. With over 20 million already sold and counting, it’s putting the other options to shame. There is one small issue though: it doesn’t have enough power to sustain itself for a full life-cycle. While the PS4 specs are impressive compared to the PS3, they are dwarfed by modern PC standards, and will continue to fall behind as time goes on. That’s most likely why Sony has already begun work on the PS5. They know the hardware doesn’t add up for the long-term with how fast things are progressing, but they also don’t want to shoot the PS4 in the foot just after its gotten a good sprint going. Some believe the PS5 will be hear as soon as 2017, and while the new console may be ready by then, it doesn’t look like Sony is going to let it go free until the time is right. Image via PlayStation Blog A little virtual reality headset called PlayStation VR is set to release in 2016 for the PS4. Is this accessory part of Sony’s plan to keep the PS4 relevant until such a time that they need to reveal the PS5? Let’s find out. Throwing Fuel on the Fire PlayStation VR is expected to release sometime in the first half of 2016. At the most recent Game Developer’s Conference, Sony showcased a prototype of this VR headset with the following specs: 1920 x 1080 RGB OLED Display 120hz refresh rate 5.7-inch display nine LEDs for position head tracking Again, respectable, but not ground-breaking. Other companies are pulling out their own virtual reality solutions such as the Oculus Rift and Valve’s recently unveiled headset. That being said, now that pre-orders have begun on the Oculus Rift, people are shocked to see that the device is running $600! On top of this, that price is said to be a loss for the company, not a profit. How much would they have to charge to turn a profit on these things? If PlayStation VR sells for $600, the same price as the PS3 at launch, then it’s going to run into problems. People paid $399 for their PS4 system, why would they pay more than that for an accessory? It’s a question that Sony is going to have to answer, and soon. Sony is making a smart decision by creating this accessory for the PS4. With the popularity of VR on the rise, the market is poised to explode, and with 20 million plus PS4 owners out there, the install base leaves a lot of opportunities to sell this new product. If Sony supports it with games, they will have a good couple of years to ride on. This is clearly a move to grow the potential and sucess of the PS4 which suggests that Sony is in fact biding their time, waiting until the PS4 has run its course before unveiling the next console. What do you think … Read More

PS5 Coming Sooner Than Expected

The PS5 Could Be Here Sooner Than You Think AMD Presentation Hints at Shorter Console Cycles “The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.” ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace Some people look at others who anticipate the PlayStation 5 and what wonder why they must dream of the next console when the current one is out and in our hands. How closed minded to think such things, for the PS4 is not the destination. It is a step on a journey to constantly grow and evolve the world of gaming. A journey that Sony has set us upon and while we enjoy the steps, no one watches their feet as they walk. No, typically we look ahead to see what’s coming, and to make sure we don’t run into anything. The PS5 is that next step. A freeform abstract concept that will have life, but no one, save for those deep in the trusted circles of Sony, knows when. Still, even the most illusive of secrets leaves a trail. Sometimes its a slip of the tongue, a misplaced document, or in this case, a trail of sweet, sweet bread crumbs. Hope you don’t mind getting your hands a little sticky because we’re going to follow this trail all the way to the motherlode. You’re Beautiful, All the Way Through The PS4 marked an exciting change in consoles. As much as I hate to admit it, PC has always been on top of the world of gaming because of the ease of structure and simplicity (from some perspectives) of development. In short, it was hard to develop console games that met the quality of the PC counterparts. Then came a new console build like a PC and while Sony was tight lipped about the specifics of the parts therein, as soon as people got a hold of it, they were able to find out who helped build the masterpiece. The PS4’s processor was a custom built machine of absolute beauty. The manufacturer? None other than AMD, a world renowned creator of PC hardware. These specialized piece of hardware combined a CPU, GPU, as well as a memory controller and video decoder. In other words, it was like that scientific graphing calculator your friend had loaded with games when he should have been doing his work. Oh, that was just me? Okay, well, something had to get me through math classes, alright? Interesting, Very Interesting Now that we know who made the PS4’s processor, it only makes sense to sit outside their window and watch them sleep. Maybe they talk while their sleeping and they’ll reveal a secret about the new processors they have to be working on for Sony. I’m talking metaphorically of course, I tried finding the CFO Devinder Kumar’s number in the phonebook, a task that should be relatively easy with a name like that, and no dice. Lucky for me, and my arrest record, the nice man recently spoke at the Bank of … Read More

PS5 Release Date Countdown Timer

Display the PS5 Release Date Countdown Timer on your page! Really easy to do, follow these basic instructions below. Copy the code, paste the code into your site, done. Anytime the release date is updated the countdown will automatically update on your website. Copy and paste the code (color blue) below into the HTML of your webpage and you are done! <iframe src="" width="402" height="108" style="border:none"> Drop us a line and let us know when you have added it to your website or blog! Or feel free to share this page instead on Facebook, Twitter. The release date is updated remotely as we get important updates on the release date. This means your website will always have the very latest release date updates, Thanks and enjoy! Let your friends know about us. Get ready to rock with the next generation Playstation 5!