Can’t Drive This Review – Jan de Bont Would be Proud

Racing games are typically an exciting combination of speed and competition, and some of them feature track builders for those who want to practice their hand at crafting the course itself. What if I told you that there’s a game that combines both of these, in real-time, that also hilariously references Jan de Bont’s Speed films, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock? Welcome to Can’t Drive This, the PS5 game where one person builds the track while the other one drives. Oh, and the other big twist? If you slow down for too long, you’ll blow up. The need for speed is real here, but does Can’t Drive This capitalize on its premise, or will you be hitting the brakes before long? Let’s find out. A Compelling Premise That Burns Out Too Soon Can’t Drive This is one of those games that resulted a double-take and a wry grin from me as soon as I read the premise. A cooperative title where one person builds the track and the other drives on it in real time? Sounds like good old fashioned chaos, and I am here for it. The game’s tutorial is also hilarious and very self-referential. The references to the film Speed are also the inspiration for my own nod to the classic piece of cinema in my review here. The game even gives you a pat on the back for watching all of the tutorials, which I particularly enjoyed as someone who enjoys fun tutorials, which is realize is an oxymoron to some gamers out there who’d prefer to just get into it. From Pixel Maniacs, the developers of ChromaGun, Can’t Drive This continues their focus on a unique premise, but unlike ChromaGun, Can’t Drive This doesn’t quite chase this ideas as far as it can go. When you boot the game up, you’ll have four modes to choose from, but let’s start with what you can do on your own. Can’t Drive This is a game that expects you to play with others, but it does include a “lone racer” mode that allows you to swap between building and driving. The option is appreciated, but it pales in comparison to the other modes. A full single player mode would have been great, but in lieu of this I would have rather seen another multiplayer mode instead. Moving to the main focus, you can play Can’t Drive This in both local and online co-op. The former is up to four players, while the latter is limited to two. This simple fact also locks out one of the modes, Capture the Egg, which you can only play with four players locally. This mode is essentially capture the flag, but with a giant concrete egg as the game describes it. Where Can’t Drive This capitalizes on its premise is the Yardage and Game of Drones modes, both of which focus on the building and driving mechanics. Yardage is the core experience, challenging you to drive as long and as far … Read More